Dr. Lynch and his staff were incredible, from the 1st call I made to their office to right now experiencing the relief of my 1st SGB.

I will only recommend ROSM for SGB treatment, their reputation is truly above and beyond any and all expectation. Dr. Lynch is a true HEALER. I thank him for everything and for the SGB giving me a 2nd chance at life.”


Best decision I’ve made in healing…

It was hard asking for help, then following through and making the trip to see Dr. Mulvaney. It’s the best decision I’ve made in healing. He’s given a part of me back, that I thought wasn’t possible. Dr. Mulvaney takes the time to walk through each step, making sure you’re always feeling comfortable. Can’t thank him enough for being such an important part in my journey. I was excited to share this with you because I haven’t felt like the old me in so long.


We All Deserve to Heal

PTSD was slowly killing me. Dr. Mulvaney saved my life and SGB gave me the reset I desperately needed. I’ve never felt so heard, understood, and supported by a physician.

Melanie W.

VFW Commander

I am the VFW Commander (Post 2214) in Cullman, AL. I am able to bring Veterans to ROSM and change their life, along with giving them a reason to live again! This shot is such a game changer when it comes to PTSD and Veterans suicide! It resets you and lets you live again!!! It is amazing and i am so thankful for Doctor M and his staff! They take care of us Vets!!!

Brian M. 

Phenomenal physician that listens and works to take care of you.

“Dr. Lynch has been my go to provider for over a decade, he is always professional but easy to talk to. You can tell by his demeanor that he truly cares about you as an individual and is fully vested in helping you…I cannot explain what a difference he made in my life under his care.”


New Start

“Hey Doc! I just wanted to thank you again. Paul is doing great and “feels like he did 15 years ago.” He is excited for the future again and it’s even helped our relationship. He has been analyzing his life a lot since, has been much more open with me and has so much more hope. You are doing so many good things for the community and I appreciate it so much. Thank you for saving another good one.”

Andi B. 

Trauma occurs on the home front as well…

“…Mostly the spouses go unnoticed and untreated. We suffer in silence. And most divorce. PTSD often looks like depression….I didn’t think I would ever be “ok” again. Dr. Sean Mulvaney changed that with 4 simple shots. The Stellate Ganglion Block blocks the main nerve that controls the “fight or flight” response in the sympathetic nervous system. I only regret that I did not know this sooner…I urge all those suffering to reach out for treatment because being “ok” is just around the corner.”

Madison B.

Dr. Lynch and his staff were incredible, from the 1st call I made to their office to right now experiencing the relief of my 1st SGB.

I will only recommend ROSM for SGB treatment, their reputation is truly above and beyond any and all expectation. Dr. Lynch is a true HEALER. I thank him for everything and for the SGB giving me a 2nd chance at life.”

Lauren / August 2022

Best decision I’ve made in healing…

It was hard asking for help, then following through and making the trip to see Dr. Mulvaney. It’s the best decision I’ve made in healing. He’s given a part of me back, that I thought wasn’t possible. Dr. Mulvaney takes the time to walk through each step, making sure you’re always feeling comfortable. Can’t thank him enough for being such an important part in my journey. I was excited to share this with you because I haven’t felt like the old me in so long.

Katie / July 21

We All Deserve to Heal

PTSD was slowly killing me. Dr. Mulvaney saved my life and SGB gave me the reset I desperately needed. I’ve never felt so heard, understood, and supported by a physician.

Melanie W.

VFW Commander

I am the VFW Commander (Post 2214) in Cullman, AL. I am able to bring Veterans to ROSM and change their life, along with giving them a reason to live again! This shot is such a game changer when it comes to PTSD and Veterans suicide! It resets you and lets you live again!!! It is amazing and i am so thankful for Doctor M and his staff! They take care of us Vets!!!

Brian M. 10 Nov 2020

Phenomenal physician that listens and works to take care of you.

“Dr. Lynch has been my go to provider for over a decade, he is always professional but easy to talk to. You can tell by his demeanor that he truly cares about you as an individual and is fully vested in helping you…I cannot explain what a difference he made in my life under his care.”


New Start

“Hey Doc! I just wanted to thank you again. Paul is doing great and “feels like he did 15 years ago.” He is excited for the future again and it’s even helped our relationship. He has been analyzing his life a lot since, has been much more open with me and has so much more hope. You are doing so many good things for the community and I appreciate it so much. Thank you for saving another good one.”

Andi B. 

Trauma occurs on the home front as well…

“…Mostly the spouses go unnoticed and untreated. We suffer in silence. And most divorce. PTSD often looks like depression….I didn’t think I would ever be “ok” again. Dr. Sean Mulvaney changed that with 4 simple shots. The Stellate Ganglion Block blocks the main nerve that controls the “fight or flight” response in the sympathetic nervous system. I only regret that I did not know this sooner…I urge all those suffering to reach out for treatment because being “ok” is just around the corner.”

Madison B.

March 2021

Medal of Honor

Dakota Meyer

Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) Experience


SGB for PTSI – Firefighter Success Story

Kevin and Carrie


Veteran Success Story

“The last two and a half weeks have been absolutely incredible! It has truly opened my eyes to just how far gone I was, as well what amazing opportunities and happiness lies ahead!

Before this treatment, I felt broken and ashamed. I felt like a burden to all of my loved ones, guilty that I was unable to show up for them in the same capacity that they were showing up for me! Most of all though, I felt fragmented! As if my memories and thoughts were broken into a million tiny shards. I was unable to complete a full thought process! It felt like every nerve in my body was short circuiting, constantly firing! As much as we all try not to compare, it still can be hard not to. I had always gone with the idea, my symptoms aren’t as extreme as others so I’m doing just fine! Truthfully, I only learned within the last year that I have had nightmares my entire life. I always just assumed when people said oh I also have bad dreams, we were talking about the same type.

Within 5 minutes of my first injection I felt liberated from my trauma! Suddenly the world went quiet. As the tears streamed down my face, all I could think was I’m free! I closed my eyes and rested! That’s it! No wandering thoughts, no side tracking, no pieces rapidly flying through my head!

I continue to wake up each morning slightly in shock but so incredibly thankful to still feel fantastic! I fall asleep soundly without nightmares! I haven’t woken up with any new bruises from them either! I continue to be able to refocus my train of thought when it starts to wander. Even though I can still feel some tension in my body at times I’m able to genuinely tell myself it’s not needed and it begins to fade once again. I have stumbled across a few different things that normally would have set me off on a tailspin possibly even for days at a time. Instead it was a small blip on the radar. You have given me an inner peace and freedom that I don’t believe I have ever experienced!  Regardless of the fact that there is still work to do, I sincerely appreciate being able to have the space to live my life once again while still healing my injury!”

Kristin H.

“I was the first Australian to go to the USA and receive the SGB treatment from Dr Sean Mulvaney.”

The treatment is like rebooting a computer, and the person is left in a much better position with much reduced symptoms.
One week after the procedure on the DASS-21 I scored normal or no levels of stress and anxiety and only mild depression. And on the PCL-5 my score was more than halved. After the stellate ganglion block, I hugged someone, and it felt good. Due to the effect of the PTSD I have stayed away from people and had the bare minimum social contact. Now I want social contact in my life. I felt like my cognition was back to 100% with really good concentration and my thinking was clear. I felt the stress and anxiety had been lifted off my body. My heart rate was lower. I now have a good sense of self!
Another true test in the world occurred when I went to my volunteer work helping horse riding for people with disability. I was terribly afraid of the very big horses and always said no to working with them, staying only with smaller ones. But recently, after the treatment, I was asked to take the biggest horse back up to the fields. I found myself agreeing to do this, and I felt absolutely no fear whatsoever while I returned the horse.


“Post Concussive relief that works!”

“I went in for post-concussive treatment. I had been struggling with symptoms for 3.5 years after my concussion. I had learned about the benefits of the Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) and finally investigated. The screening process was super easy, and I was contacted quickly by the office. I was able to schedule an appointment in no time. I saw Dr. Lynch, and was highly impressed. I work in sports medicine, so I have a strong background in concussion management. I was able to bond with Dr. Lynch about this, which comforted me before the procedure. Dr. Lynch spent a lot of time with me before and after the SGB about the process, and answered my millions of questions. His bedside manner was awesome and I really enjoyed his passion.
I was amazed at how well the SGB worked. This thing literally sounds too good to be true, but it is true! I felt better, no lie, within 5 minutes of the shots. I felt at peace, more like myself, and relieved. I did not expect to be that good that quickly. I was able to watch the whole ultrasound procedure (although being encouraged to close my eyes…) and felt confident with Dr. Lynch the entire time.
I am roughly one month post-SGB and feel like I have my life back. I am more confident, less anxious, and feel more in control of myself. I had lost myself for the last 3.5 years, but I feel like me. I cannot explain how great this shot works. I highly encourage anyone to at least pre-screen to see if they qualify for the procedure. This was the best thing I have done in YEARS. No other mental health treatments (therapy, medication, self care, mindfulness) touched the impact that this SGB shot did.” 

Katie D.


It has been completely life changing…

It was happenstance that we stumbled upon Dr. Mulvaney and the SGB treatment. We traveled halfway across the country to meet him and go forward with the treatment, hoping that it would alleviate some, if not all of the effects of the PTSD my husband suffered from since we had heard so many positive stories related to the SGB treatment. From the spouses stand point and the optics that I see, I can tell you that there has been nothing that has been as beneficial as these treatments. The outcome of the treatment is immediate and for my husband and our familys quality of life there is absolutely nothing that I can compare this treatment too. We have been back for a few treatments since our first visit and everytime I am astounded by the continued knowledge, care and concern shown by Dr. Mulvaney and his staff. It has been completely life changing for not only my husband but also for our family. It is a huge relief to know that there is a treatment out there that can truly help. Jenny J October 2021

Jenny J. 

“After years of managing complex PTSD symptoms, SGB provided long lasting relief”

After struggling under crippling insomnia and chronic anxiety for years, SGB allowed me to return to a version of my high-functioning self. Those walking a similar path will know the frustrations of trying multiple medications, medical professionals without fluency in PTSD, short-lived solutions without durability; SGB provides long-lasting theraputic relief of PTSD symptoms that I haven’t experienced until now. Dr. Lynch is deeply knowledgeable, curious and attentive to his patients and their comprehensive care. His expertise in PTSD and the SGB procedure ensures lasting relief from the immediate symptoms and a high quality of care.  –Rachel W., May 2022

Rachel W. 


“The only doctor I have ever felt comfortable giving five stars, five stars isn’t enough.”

“Dr. Lynch makes you feel comfortable, heard, and informed.  I have a lot of medical trauma and am scared of doctors, especially new ones.  From the first visit I immediately felt at ease and I knew I would be taken care of.  I underwent the Stellate Ganglion Block procedure and the idea of it was terrifying.  He told me exactly what he would be doing, and even assured me it would be underwhelming, and it was!  The effects have truly changed my life and that’s not something I say lightly.”

Natalia C. 

I wouldn’t be here without you…

Hands Down – Dr. M is the BEST of the Best. Dr. M sincerely cares about the before, during and after of his patients healing process. This is demonstrated by his actions. This is demonstrated by the time he takes to sit with myself, and every other patient. Dr. Mulvaney is what healthcare IS NOT anymore. There is not “time clock” when I come in to see him. He literally takes the time to ask, and when he listens to the answers, he HEARS them. Most healthcare these days in the US is NOT like this. Finding Dr. M – simply put – saved my life. Literally. Thank you for helping me through this journey. I wouldn’t be here without you.

Meredith B. 


Skeptical At First, But Felt Results Immediately 

“I was very skeptical about this treatment but after trying it myself not only am I a believer, but I have recommended this doctor to everyone I know personally who is struggling with the symptoms of PTSD. Dr. Mulvaney is very compassionate, kind, understanding and made me feel very comfortable voicing my thoughts and concerns about the treatment. He eased my fears and unlike every other treatment I’ve attempted, he provided a real solution for my problems: the SGB shot. My symptoms have not only improved, but so far have disappeared. Very happy with my experience!!!! I’d also like to add that the procedure is so simple and easy and I felt results IMMEDIATELY!

Chantelle W. 

“Great Great Great”

Amazing experience. I was so unsure before coming in and finding out about the block. They scheduled a telehealth appt for me and I spoke with Dr.Lynch. After the phone appt I was sold on getting the block. Once i got the block I saw a world of difference in me, thoughts and feelings are still there but the irrational emotions and drive was not. I have went from a total wreck into a functioning person whom can now process thoughts and feelings without losing myself to them. 10/10 would recommend.  

Sara W 

My experience with Dr. Mulvaney is always positive…

The procedure brought me back to life. I could laugh again. The pressure in my chest dissipated. He is compassionate and understanding. The procedure is quick and painless.

Lauren S. 

Life and Soul Saving

I am a survivor of tremendous amount of trauma, including 10 years of a violent and scary marriage followed by 6 years of being sex trafficked. I’ve had two (SGB) treatments that have literally saved my life. I have tried so many different modalities of healing PTSD. Some helped just to get me by, but the care and treatment I have received through Dr. Mulvaney has been life saving. Not only is the treatment helpful to me, but it trickles into the lives of the women and survivors I help. Dr. Mulvaney and the clinic want to help and are the best at what they do. I can’t wait to continue my journey of healing..

Kayla B. 

Impact of Trauma Can Hit Both

“The level of care and compassion Dr. Mulvaney has for all his patient’s individual well-being surpassed any of my expectations. I (and my husband) had the opportunity to have the Right and Left SGB injection and the results and impact were immediate to my overall health and mental well-being. Dr. Mulvaney explained thoroughly everything about the procedure before and during the actual injection. His bed side manner is top-notch, personable and professional. He really cares, which is important to me while dealing with such difficult and delicate hardships in life. His hard work and research with the SGB Injection has changed mine and my husband’s life forever. We are so grateful. Thank you Dr. Mulvaney!”

Brittany L. 

Haven’t Felt This Good in Ages

“I received an SGB from Dr. Mulvaney for PTSD. It was the easiest medical procedure I’ve ever experienced. He was very informative and talked me through each step of the process. I felt safe and comfortable and had a good understanding of what to expect through out the procedure. I can’t believe this isn’t being talked about more. I seriously haven’t felt this good in ages.”

Bobby C.

They were incredible.

This was my best experience with any doctor and staff. I felt very cared for, that I was in great hands, and everything went so well. The procedure both days was easy, painless, and afterwards there was a calmness and mental clearness that I had not experienced in the 12 years since my trauma incident.  

Eric J. 

A True Partner in My Healing Journey.

From our first conversation so many years ago to today, Doc Mulvaney is invested in the research and development of medical treatment plans that work! And by work, I mean restoring your ability to be an active participant in your life, from mental health to pain-free physical activity!

Vivian R. 

LOVE the shirt, but it won’t be needed anymore…

A recent SGB wiped out 10 years of crushing PTSI symptoms.

“I found myself just putting my arm around my wife and smiling, and that simple realization brought me to tears”.

Jimmy F.

“Life-changing” – Veteran w/ PTSD & Sexual Assault Survivor”
Dr. Mulvaney was strongly recommended to me by another Veteran who had the SGB treatment done years ago for his combat-related PTSD. After watching Dr. Mulvaney’s SGB testimonials and doing my research, the treatment seemed too good to be true. Like other Veterans and people who suffer from PTSD, I suffered quietly and alone. My PTSD manifested itself as anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADHD, isolation, and an eating disorder – I now know that I don’t have to accept living like this as a baseline for living. Getting this treatment was probably one of the most life-changing decisions I’ve made thus far. Almost immediately after my first injections, I felt a wave of calm and relaxation that felt so foreign and unreachable. I had the best sleep I’ve had in over a decade. If you suffer from PTSD of any kind, I highly recommend consulting with Dr. Mulvaney for the SGB treatment.
A.M.R., Jan 2024
I have a long medical history and I have never had a doctor with such amazing bedside manners. I was so apprehensive and scared to go and seek treatment, but Dr. Lynch put me at ease. As for the results, after a few days I noticed a huge difference in my mood. I no longer felt like I was in survival mode. If you are thinking of getting this treatment, this is your sign to go through with it.
Anastasia G., Jan 2024
“Very personable and listens to you. Explains everything”
Felt comfortable from the moment we walked into the office. Sits and talks with you before he even does the procedure. Talks you through everything he is doing, while he is doing it. Appreciate how he is there for law enforcement and veterans. Highly recommend Dr. Mulvaney.
Stacey G., Jan 2024
I have never felt so great in so much weight lifted off of me in my life after this experience. I have only heard about the stellate ganglion block a few times in over the last few years. I have had the shot once before this visit with Dr Lynch but didn’t go so well. Then through a great non profit organization to help get me the right doctor like Doctor Lynch who has spend years and years of research to hell figure out the number one question and fix the problem most veterans have with PTSD and I believe he has truly found the answer with the stellate ganglion block! A true hero for every veteran dealing with the biggest problem like PTSD! Highly recommend for this with emotional problems.
Corey H., Jan 2024
“life changing”
I came in with low expectations- after seeing many therapists and doctors over the years for ptsd/ anxiety, I didnt expect much relief or changes from the block. I was wrong- so wrong, Dr. Mulvaney and staff treated me like a long time friend. The care and compassion was unmatchable. Dr. Mulvaney explained everything in complete detail before and even as he was doing the procedure. It only took a few minutes, but after 5 minutes, I could literally feel my shoulders relax, and had a calm feeling roll over my entire body. I noticed right away that my brain wasnt racing a million miles a minute and I could actually process a thought one at a time. I went to sleep that night (normally for 20 years I wake up 2-3 times and check emails, check doors and stay up for 1-2 hours through the night. I SLEPT the entire night. I cannot say enough good things about this procedure, I wish i would have done this sooner. I feel like Ive got my life back, thats been hostage for 25 years. 
Michele M., Jan 2024
“A breath of fresh air”
Before I felt overwhelmed and stressed with life. I felt like I was just there but not really there. Thanks to this clinic and Dr. Mulvaney, I feel like I have been given a second chance to see how amazing life is. As a Veteran with PTSD, this has given me a second wind.
Andrew Z., Jan 2024
“Negative Thoughts Be Gone”
Over the last 5+ years, I have had multiple events in my life that have caused me to experience 24/7 anxiety. My husband recommended I get the SGB treatment as he had several friends that have had great success with it. Within less than an hour of receiving the shot, I felt like my old self was back again. I couldn’t recommend Dr. Mulvaney and his amazing staff any more! I am so grateful!
Laura B., Dec 2023
“This was an absolutely AMAZING experience.”
The second I walked in I was greeted warmly by the welcoming receptionists, along with soothing music to calm my nerves. It was such a safe and comftorable place! The environment was very calming, and it felt more like a safe place then a doctors office. Dr. Lynch was very well educated and had answers to all of my questions. I would 100% recommend this to anyone who is in need for a life changing experience.
Melanie S., Dec 2023
“Life changing”
I am an RN. I have been struggling with CPTSD for years. I have had ongoing, severe depression, severe anxiety, and significant constant GI upset. In short, completely joyless. Dr Mulvaney and his staff are wonderful and warm. Dr. Mulvaney was beyond exceptional in his knowledge, skill, and has the best bedside manner I’ve encountered -both as a patient and an RN. I feel a sense of calm, relief, and freedom I don’t remember ever feeling.. It is difficult to put into words; I woke up this morning after my first rt sided injection with a feeling of joy, hope, and sense of agency. The feelings of hopelessness and helplessness are abating as I write this. Virtually gone now. I could not have imagined a better experience. I cannot be more thankful and excited. I have not felt excited for…well, frankly.I cant remember the last time. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Ryan R., Dec 2023
My experience at Dr. Lynch’s office was nothing short of transformative. I embarked on this journey from my home in Canada as an angry, scared, resentful, and anxious individual, grappling with PTSI. Dr. Lynch played a pivotal role in guiding me towards a profound positive change.
From our initial meeting, Dr. Lynch exhibited patience and kindness, taking the time to explain every aspect of the process in a clear and concise manner. His approach instilled a sense of comfort and reassurance, making me feel genuinely supported throughout my time under his care. Notably, I never felt rushed, even in the post-treatment phase, which contributed significantly to my overall experience.
The procedure itself was meticulously explained, detailing each stage, and unfolded exactly as Dr. Lynch had outlined. This predictability, combined with his thorough explanations, further enhanced my confidence in the process. I left Dr. Lynch’s office a better version of myself!
R Z., Dec 2023
“it was necessary for life to continue for me”
I don’t have the right words in my vocabulary, and few actually exist, that describe the heart, passion, and unselfish serving life saving work that Dr Mulvaney provided me. He made me feel heard and validated for one of the first times, and has given hope where it had left. I definitely am going to share my experience and offer your information to my fire/medic community back home. I am thankful to God for you sir. Thank you for you and your passion to serve.
Scott M., Dec 2023
“Just what I needed!”
How wonderful to be under the care of a doctor who understands my condition, takes the time to listen well, explains thoroughly, and is willing to make accommodations for my particular needs. Doc Lynch’s knowledge, experience, and affect are a triple win!
Shay S. C., Dec 2023
“The Gift Of My Old Self Returning!”
I had researched the SGB treatment after several friends had very positive results. I have dealt with several traumas in my lifetime, and over the last several years, I no longer recognized or liked myself due to the overwhelming anxiety. Dr. Mulvaney and his staff took comfort and professionalism to another level. The kindness and communication from his clerical staff while we set the appointments were all handled with professionalism and sincerity. Most of all, Dr. Mulvaney took as much time as we needed to explain every possible detail, scenario, and expectation. Within minutes of receiving my first shot, I had an emotional breakdown as I felt years of negative emotions pour out of me, and the weight of 100 backpacks lifted off my shoulders. I cannot possibly recommend Dr. Mulvaney/ROSM more to anyone that is considering this treatment.
Joe B., Dec 2023
“Well worth it.”
From start to finish, Dr. Lynch was great. He thoroughly explained the process, patiently answered all questions, walked me through each step as he was conducting the procedure, and took great care in keeping me comfortable. Overall, I’m happy with the experience and would highly recommend Dr. Lynch.
S. F., Nov 2023
Dr. Mulvaney and Dr. Lynch and their team are simply amazing. I’m eternally grateful for your kind heart, the amazing experience and professionalism. I 100% recommend the SGB treatment to anyone having doubts, has been a life changer and I feel like my wife and kids can recognize me again.
Jason M., Nov 2023
“Awesome, life changing, strongly recommend.”
From the very minute you walk in Dr.Mulvaney and his staff were welcoming, kind and courteous. 100 percent of there attention was directed towards you. SGB shot is a life saver please all of you that suffer from ptsd research on google or youtube about Dr. Mulvaney and the miracles these shots create.This was my 2nd and 3rd shots i went to, my first was somewhere else. I highly reccomend Dr. Mulvaney and his staff for taking his time and explained everything to me.
Daniel S., Nov 2023
I had a life changing experience working with Dr. Lynch and his team. The procedure was simple and Dr. Lynch explained everything that would happen before, during, and after. There were no surprises and he was patient and considerate the entire time. If you are struggling with the effects of trauma I highly recommend reaching out and seeing what help Dr. Lynch can offer. I haven’t felt this relaxed in over a decade. It’s an incredible feeling.
I.L., Nov 2023
“I have not felt this level of calm in many years.”
Dr. Mulvaney was amazing. He explained the procedure and made the experience very easy and comfortable. After 25 years in law enforcement and through many traumatic events I finally feel a level of calm I have not felt in years. The background noise is gone and I can focus on whats in front of me. I cannot think of a person that would not benefit from this procedure.
Adam W., Nov 2023
Very simple procedure. SGB. Nothing to be afraid of.  I didn’t hurt at all. And dr Lynch quietly talked with me before the procedure which helped a lot. He gave a list of ideas to do after the procedure. I found it very important to make some changes. Like drinking half decaf with half regular.
It is changing my life. I hope this helps.
Renee K., Nov 2023
Dr. Mulvaney changed my life in less then 3 minutes. I wish I had this treatment years ago. His special operations war fighter experience gives him first hand knowledge of the struggles associated with PTSD. He clearly articulated my challenges..the the same that many Veterans struggle with…without me having to explain. Dr. Mulvaney gave me freedom of mind, a calmness I haven’t had in over 16 years and never thought I would have again. The immediate relief is like NOTHING I have ever experienced. I am already a better version of myself. If you are struggling, don’t waste time with other treatments…they didn’t work for me. Instead see Dr. Mulvaney AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. He will give you your life back too. There is HOPE!
Amy K., Nov 2023
“Alleviating and pain free care given with courtesy and professional ism!”
Dr. James Lynch MD. Provided great care and medical treatment for my symptoms! His entire Staff played a Big role in providing the Best treatment I could receive as a patient! 5 stars . I came in with many thoughts and doubts of broken Hope. I left feeling tremendous and amazed with a renewed feeling of euphoria and energy! My aches and pains were vanished! The Dr. had given me a Breath of fresh air in LIFE! Sincerely, Grateful José A. Muñoz USA VETERAN DESERT STORM
Jose’ M., Nov 2023
“I suspect that this has been life-changing, and a true blessing!”
As a member of the LGBTQ+ community (and a trans woman that has not yet transitioned), I can say that i most assuredly felt welcome and in a loving, safe space. I did not feel judged. I felt heard, seen, and at peace. I don’t remember the last time I felt this way. Maybe during childhood. Dr. Mulvaney, Lauren and Nancy were respectful, loving and very professional. I absolutely recommend this facility, treatment and the staff to anyone who has experienced trauma or hardships in this life.
R.O., Nov 2023
“Totally Chill”
First rate Doctor/Human and first rate procedure. I couldn’t be happier with getting SGB. Changed my demeanor in so many ways. Best of all, I’m now I’m “totally chill”. It’s really quite amazing. Thanks Doc.
D.G., Nov 2023
“Absolutely game changing experience with wonderful people”
I believe this experience changed my life. I was nervous coming into the office but was greeted with the warmest of welcomes and couldn’t help but feel comfortable with the entire team. As someone who personally and professionally loves clearly outlined processes, this visit was a masterclass in both effective operations and how to treat someone with care and dignity. Everyone on the team – especially Dr. Mulvaney – took the time to explain every step of the process from paperwork to the actual procedure. I felt genuinely listened to and respected and that the entire team was rooting for my success. The actual procedure has made a difference instantly that almost defies belief. This entire experience is the care that myself and fellow military veterans had always wished existed. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Mulvaney and his team.
John M., Oct 2023
“SGB treatment for anxiety is life changing.”
Dr. Lynch is the premier and trusted resource for SGB. He is the ultimate care provider, openly sharing his extensive research and dedication with his patients. The opportunity to have one medical voice guiding the SGB process has been an essential component of this healing gift. I continue to make great strides with my health, coupled with Dr. Lynch’s continued guidance.
SGB is in the top five best experiences in my life.  Grateful to know Dr. Lynch.  
Lauren F., Oct 2023
“Life Changing. Smooth and painless, best nights sleep in 20 yrs.”
Dr.Mulvaney is a dream. Fantastic bedside articulation of all processes and procedures before, during and after treatment.
David P., Oct 2023
“SGB is a game-changer.”
Dr. Lynch is truly an expert in this field of treatment; the stellate ganglion block is an absolute game-changer. I cannot think of anyone who would not benefit from this procedure – especially those most in need. His ‘bedside manner’ is impeccable and his team is top-notch. My loved ones are so happy I’ve taken the steps to improve my mental health. They see a vast improvement in me, and I feel better than I considered possible. If you are considering this procedure, or you have a loved one who you think could benefit, I strongly urge you to reach out to ROSM. I cannot thank you enough, Doctor!
David P., Oct 2023
Dr. Mulvaney is truly a gifted physician. Beyond that he has great compassion for his patients. Yesterday I had my 1st SGB shot and when I arrived this morning for my second appointment, felt like I was near 100%. Dr. Mulvaney asked if I wanted the 2nd block and I decided to go ahead. I can’t believe how much better I feel. My mind is so still that I can concentrate on my body and overall, I have a sense of well being that I haven’t felt in a long time. Thank you Doc. 
G. Aug 2021
I saw Dr. Lynch for the Stellate Ganglion Block about a month ago. Firstly Dr. Lynch is a top notch doctor who really knows how to deal with individuals suffering from anxiety/ptsd. His bedside manner is outstanding, being  patient,  compassionate, kind and he explained everything thoroughly. He always asked if I was okay and if I had any questions. Just a lovely person. The rest of his staff were also great to deal with.
The procedure itself felt like some pressure being inserted through a syringe.  A little awkward but I wasn’t in any pain. It didn’t last too long either.  I had a few side effects, droopy eye and a bit of a raspy voice but that went away in 3-5 hours.
As for the results,  so many improvements!  I am way more chill/relaxed.  It felt like something was removed that once was there and I mean that in a good way.  I do not have the same fight or flight reactions, where I would once get so wound up from a trigger and I am now able to look at situations with better perspective and be calm. I am not as hypervigilant and I am able to focus more on my tasks at hand.  I guess you could say my brain fog was reduced.  I am now also able to make new headway with my Psychologist to deal with my complex ptsd because I can process the trauma a lot better. I also have a lot fewer migraines and my neck pain is reduced.  This procedure is not a cure but can greatly improve one’s quality of life.
I am so glad I made the trip from Canada. I highly recommend Dr. Lynch and this treatment.  Thank you Dr. Lynch!
Penny B., Oct 2023
Very pleasant have known Dr Mulvaney for 10-12 years and he has always put the patient first. He truly cares about improving the quality of life for all his patients! If you are a service member (or were) and you are suffering from Panic Attacks or other stress related issues, Dr Mulvaney is the guy to see in order to get your life back!! 
Scott C. July 2021
Dr. Lynch is an exceptionally compassionate and caring doctor. The SGB treatment I received for PTSD 2 years ago and again recently saved my life. He is extremely skilled and will take excellent care of you!
Dawn J., Sep 2023
My visit was great, the staff was welcoming. I didnt have to wait before i was seen by Dr, Mulvaney. He had great “bedside manner” explaining everything before, during and after. Her stayed with me the whole time. I felt a calming difference right away. Anyone struggling should coming see him. 
Vincent D. July 2021
I saw Dr. Lynch a few weeks ago for my stress injuries and pain contributed to 12 years serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. I was getting to a point of desperation and feeling like I was defeated by my chronic pain/CRPS and mental anguish. He came highly recommended by my wife and brother who were both received SGB in July. The ROSM team is with out a doubt the most patient and personable group of people I have ever had the pleasure and privilege of meeting. When I arrived for my first needle, I was anxious and terrified. I have issues with being in doctor offices and a big mistrust with medical procedures. Right away I was greeted with a warm and comforting welcome. In the treatment room Dr. Lynch took the time to carefully explain every step of the process. His overall demeanor was calm and relaxed, he had a great sense of humor. This treatment is virtually painless even though the after effect are pretty intimidating. I entered the room feeling like I was engulfed in flames and within five minutes of recieving the first block there was almost an instant claming effect. My head quieted down, my body cooled and I wasnt hurting. I was able to pin point the first coherent thought I’ve had in about twelve years. I was worried that I would be imprisoned in my head for the rest of my life. I am so greatful for this treatment, for Dr Lynchs commitment to bringing this procedure to the forefront, they are both godsends. I plead with you, if you are reading this and thinking about getting the treatment please do it… please. We have lost to many people to mental health crisis and pain. This treatment works and will give you the space in your head to understand what your body and mind needs. Please reach out to the ROSM team and get the help. Even if you read the reviews and pass this information along there is an opportunity to save someone life and potentially help control this pain and suffering. Please look into this treatment, you are worth a life free from this prison! Also on a side note Mrs. Heather is a delight.
Matt H., Sep 2023
Great experience with Dr. Mulvaney He help treat my ongoing ptsd and gave me relief from my symptoms for the first time in 10 years I had tried everything to alleviate my ptsd but the only thing that has worked has been the SGB. 
Joseph D., Jul 2021
First, I’d like to say Dr. Lynch and his team are amazing! They made me feel comfortable, answering all my questions and addressing any concerns with compassion and understanding.
I waited before writing this because I wanted to see the lasting effects versus the immediate results. I found right after SGB I felt great, more relaxed. The anxiety I had was almost gone. It was surreal to think I could feel that good again. As time has gone on the effects have lessened however my anxiety is still normal and I am nowhere near hypervigilant as I was before the treatment. I would highly recommend reaching out to Dr. Lynch and not wasting anymore time being stuck. Life is incredible when you can really experience it.
Denise W., Sep 2023
Doc Mulvaney did a great job of explaining what he was doing and what to expect and was spot on with his explanation of what the the results would be. He spent extra time with me in the room with me talking about my experiences and how the SGB changed my ability to cope with PTSD. I can’t stress enough how great this process is. 
Dan K. July 2021
“I feel amazing!”
Dr. Lynch was incredible. I have never met a Doctor with so much compassion. He was patient and genuinely took an interest in my health and well being. I experienced the benefit of the treatment about 2-3 days after the procedure. What a difference! I am not hyper vigilant, I don’t ruminate over stressful experiences. What a drastic difference from what I have been suffering with. I’m so much calmer. I could go on. If only I had known about this years ago! I am grateful to Dr. Lynch and The Institute! 
K.P., Sep 2023
It was hard asking for help, then following through and making the trip to see Dr. Mulvaney. It’s the best decision I’ve made in healing. He’s given a part of me back, that I thought wasn’t possible. Dr. Mulvaney takes the time to walk through each step, making sure you’re always feeling comfortable. Can’t thank him enough for being such an important part in my journey.  
Katie G. July 2021
This experience was absolutely life changing. I hadn’t realized how much PTSD had changed my mind and body until getting the SBG. It felt like being calm for the first time in my entire life. It took me a few days to adjust to the new, quiet feeling. I’ve noticed therapy, meditation etc. are easier to focus on now. I’m so thrilled with this outcome, and I feel incredibly lucky to have found the Stellate Institute. I can’t say thank you enough to Dr. Lynch, and I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from a PTSI.
Relic M., Aug 2023
After years of suffering I was finally diagnosed with CPTSD on July 28th 2022. After a traumatic incident in my personal life and working professionally as a Paramedic. July 14th 2023 I received a right sided Stellate Ganglion Block. An injection of a long lasting local anesthetic.
Within 10 minutes of this treatment I went from feeling like every single nerve fiber in my body was short circuiting, to complete calm. Silence. Suddenly I had space in my head. The following day, I received the left sided block. It has only got better!
To anyone and everyone who hasn’t shared their struggle, to anyone who loves someone with this cruel injury. I NEED you to know, PTSD is curable! Your physiology has been altered, these changes are invisible! Your brain pathways have been rewired!
Researchers have even found a biomarker that can identify the body’s response to a traumatic incident which will lead to a preventative measure. But for now… we will work with the aftermath. If you had a broken leg, you’d go have surgery. This is no different! Within 10 minutes I felt a physical and emotional release – tears flowed I was so happy, I genuinely felt free! The tension in my body faded, my brain fog faded and I couldn’t wipe the giddy smile off my face even if I tried.
It’s almost been over a month, I’ve stumbled across multiple things and people that would normally trigger me… sending me into a tailspin which could have last days. Instead… it was a small blip on my radar. I was able to acknowledge it and continue about my day. I feel like my kids and husband of 11 years met the real me for the very first time. I’ve had multiple nights without nightmares, I have been able to stay present in my day. The volume of the world was turned down, suddenly I am no longer consumed by my injuries! I am excited have the space to make some real progress in my healing journey!
Dr. Lynch and your team – I don’t believe I will ever be able to put into words the tremendous relief you have given me. How incredibly thankful I am to have you on my support team. Every interaction my family has had with your clinic was stress free and so very genuine! It is obvious you are following your heart and doing work that you truly believe in!
I full heartedly believe this treatment is not only changing lives but saving lives! Every single one of you deserves to be free of your pain! It is worth the try, I assure you! You are not alone in this fight! Please, please look into it! You are worth it!
Kristin H., Aug 2023
“Game changing.”
When I was 9 years old I had a few different experiences in that were mind numbingly traumatic. Those experienced I carried in my soul all through my teenage years and through my 20’s into my early 30’s. I just received my 2nd shot and the inner peace i feel I cant find words to describe it. Its not overwhelming, its not anything like you’ll expect especially if you’ve been fighting the anxiety monster such as me. It just is, this feeling of being comfortable in my own skin again, being in synchronization with my mind, body and spirit. This is what the hueman experience is supposed to be, not a constant game of wrestling your inner demons to see who will win the fight this time, or living in a mind state of scarcity, fear and lack of. Don’t take my word for it, the gates to the kingdom of you’re personal heaven are right on the other side of Dr. James Lynch’s ultrasound machine and needle. If you’re serious, Do yourself a favor. You wont regret it.
David R., Aug 2023
“fantastic communication about procedure throughout experience”
Dr Mulvaney and staff are very easy to work with and make the experience enjoyable
R B., Aug 2023
Ten years ago, I was assaulted and thought I might not survive. Since this happened, I’ve struggled with hypervigilance, panic and intrusive thoughts/memories that made life very difficult. I blamed myself for not being able to stop these symptoms, but since immediately following my SGB treatment, every one of them has dramatically improved. My baseline is not one of panic now. If the panicked feeling does start to arise, I am able to let it go in the way that I thought always seemed to work for “normal” people, but didn’t for me: taking a few breaths, reframing the thought, etc. I’ve tried so many other things, for so long, and it feels like a miracle that this quick, easy procedure made such a difference when nothing else had.
When I read the patient comments on this website before pursuing SGB, I thought it sounded almost too good to be true. But as it turns out, no words can really capture how transformational SGB was for me, and none can fully express the way Dr. Lynch just shines with intelligence, skill, compassion, warm humor and the grace of a true healer. He was so thorough and sensitive in his explanation about why SGB works and what he’d be doing during the procedure. He made me feel safe. I am profoundly grateful to Heather and the wonderful team at ROSM for their care and support through this process, and to Dr. Lynch for his pioneering research and advocacy that brought SGB and hope into my life.
C.T.C., Aug 2023
“Amazing & life changing!!!”
Dr. Mulvaney genuinely cares about his patients. He took the time to explain things to me and he hit on aspects of my life that are issues for me without me even bringing them up. I was very apprehensive about the SGB procedure but after meeting with him, I was put at ease instantly. I am an Army veteran (OIF) and currently in law enforcement for 8 years. I knew I needed help but didn’t know where to go until I came across Dr. Mulvaney. After my first treatment, I noticed immediately small differences and felt more relaxed and at ease. I have not felt like this in years. I am looking forward to feeling happy and smiling more. I highly recommend Dr. Mulvaney!!!
A. B., Aug 2023
THIS WORKS! I have not felt this calm and cheery in years! I had the best sleep last night, I enjoyed a wonderful dinner without agitation! I felt like my level self again. List of instant relief:

  • Headaches gone
  • Heart palpitations gone
  • Irritation gone
  • Chest tightness gone
  • Anxiety manageable without the body reacting
  • Concentration (actually read and retained a chapter)
  • Hyper vigilant much less
  • Angry outburst none
  • Mental clarity back

What a life changing procedure, “Doc” I am l grateful to have met you and have this done! Your team Heather and Natia for getting me through this be sure to send my thanks. Life changing work you are doing here, the right side hit me but not nearly as well as the left.
Thank you for trusting your passion and going through with it.

Brendan H., July 2023
Dr. Lynch is a healer, a true hero!
The freedom I feel after receiving the SGB injections to treat my PTSD is indescribable! I’m almost two weeks post treatment & I am anxiety free, night terror free, not consumed with unbearable grief any longer & I’m starting to truly enjoy this incredibly blessed life I’ve been given again! I finally believe in that four letter word, hope – FOREVER GRATEFUL!
Jessica M., July 2023
“Exactly what I need”
I reached out to Dr Mulvaney after much research. When I came across Dr Mulvaney’s research and techniques, it was a treatment that made sense because of how I was coping. This technique actually works in a way that therapy and pills don’t. Dr Mulvaney’s experience put me at ease and he explains everything allowing you to be comfortable through out the process.
Luke D., July 2023
I came to the Institute with PTSD, plus high anxiety and depression for 35 years. While I didn’t jump off the table and go skipping down the hallway (let’s be realistic, no treatment is going to give you that) I’m here to tell you that the treatments are backed by science and that they DO WORK! This is not a cure, but rather a cease of almost all of your symptoms. I’m a military veteran. I can tell you that I was scared to death of this treatment. Scared that it wouldn’t work. Scared to DEATH to actually have hope. Scared of losing my disability benefits (which you won’t become the VA does NOT recognize this as an actual treatment, they’d rather pump you full of pills instead. Dumb, right? But TRUE!) My doctor was Dr James Lynch, who by the way, is one of the best doctors I’ve ever met! He’s a veteran himself, so he’s not new or unfamiliar with PTSD. That’s why he wanted to be in a position to help people with PTSD. His partner Dr Sean Mulvaney’s story is similar. Both men are outstanding examples of what our country needs more of.
Kelly K., July 2023
“Absolutely impressed with this procedure, zero pain and immediate results for me.”
I was able to let my guards down and trust Dr Mulvaney with this procedure. His extensive knowledge in this field allows him to execute this procedure with perfect confidence and precise awareness. Most Drs do not react to a patients feelings or body language but Dr Mulvaney paid attention and offered humor to break my anxiety as well as making sure personally post procedure that I was doing well. Anyone with PTSD absolutely needs to try this procedure through ROSM, Dr Mulvaney and Dr Lynch.
Ben M., July 2023
If you are reading this, you know that PTSD is debilitating for the individual and their families. My son, a Canadian veteran military firefighter, and my daughter-in-law, a former paramedic, have been struggling with PTSD for many years. Watching them fight everyday to live with PTSD and manage their symptoms is just plain tough. Despite ongoing therapy, PTSD was winning the battle with my son as he was dangerously close to giving up on life. Not wanting to accept this as an option, I started searching for other forms of treatments to help him and found the Stellate Institute and information on the stellate ganglion blocks (SGB). In contacting them I found no barriers to treatment, just solutions, and the most compassionate care and service provided by Dr Lynch and his team. Dr Lynch took the time to explain the procedure, to listen, and his calm demeanor settled and reassured everyone that there was HOPE! My son and daughter-in-law were both successfully treated with a right and left SGB, which substantively reduced their PTSD symptoms. For example, irritability decreased, concentration improved, their brains slowed down, and they experienced a sense of inner calm and peace. After the procedure they asked if this is what normal felt like! Words cannot express how GRATEFUL our family is for the service and genuine care provided at the Stellate Institute. Although the relief they both now experience is long overdue, their experience indicates to me that SGB is, and must become an integral component of the treatment plan for healing PTSD trauma injuries. If you know someone who is struggling with PTSD, spread the word and tell them to reach out to Stellate Institute soonest as they are doing life changing and life saving work!
Deb H., July 2023
I had the bilateral SGB treatment for PTSD symptoms and experienced drastic, immediate relief. It saved my career and my life, and I would strongly recommend this to anyone suffering from this. I was still in the midst of many triggers and stressful situations for several months following until I was able to remove myself from those, so I repeated it once more a year later just to have a fresh start and am very glad I did. I trust Dr. Mulvaney and his staff and am very confident in their expertise.
A.G., July 2023
“Dr. Lynch was extremely patient and caring and I knew I was getting the best care possible.”
I tried therapy, cbd oil, antidepressants, TMS, and ketamine infusions for my anxiety/depression/ptsd and I can say with absolute certainty that the SGB has been the most effective by a clear mile. If you want to get the SGB treatment from the best of the best this is the place to go to.
Kevin N., July 2023
I am writing this after my second shot on the left side and it’s hard to put into words how good I’m feeling right now. The initial right side provided some relief but the left side was amazing. I feel truly calm in my mind and body for the first time in a very long time. Everything about the experience was phenomenal from the pre screening to the actual procedure itself dr lynch is truly a one of a kind doctor. If you are struggling from PTSD/PTSI, anxiety, Elevated stress levels etc… please do not wait for things to get worse. Make an appointment and reclaim your life.
Ethan Lubell, Jun 2023
“Life Changing”
About 5 years ago I had a stroke that left me with severe PTSD and anxiety. After trying every theropy and SSRI, I had a full breakdown and was admitted to Sheppard Pratt. After being released from the hospital, my doctor recomended that I give Dr. Mulvaney a try as a last resort. Because of the severity of my condition, it was recomended that I recieve two injections. I can honestly say that I feel 100% normal again. Dr. Mulvaney shoulkd be considered as a first line of treatment, not a “last resort”. There was no need for me to suffer for years. I am so happy I found him. Life changing.
Bryan R., May 2023
“Dr. Lynch’s treatment made me a better Mom and person”
I had the SGB treatment due to childhood trauma that followed me to my adulthood. My trauma was the first thing I thought about in the morning and the last thing I thought about at the end of the day. It was always holding me back from living a full life I knew I deserved. After having the SGB treatment with Dr. Lynch I finally feel like my 5 year old self is safe for the first time in 35 years. My trauma is still there but after the SGB it is tucked away in a box in my mind and it sits far in the back. The SGB gave me a whole new outlook on life. I instantly became a better version of myself and that made me a even better Mom to my children. Dr. Lynch was simply amazing. He treated me like I was his family and I truly appreciated that. I am forever in debt to Dr. Lynch for what he not only gave me but for what he also took away. I can not thank him enough from the deepest parts of my heart.
H.F., Jun 2023
“Excellent experience helps with feeling calm and clear ”
Dr. Mulvaney explained everything in detail relating to the brain and trauma. He walked you throug the process step by step. Great staff.. Very helpful for first responders. who have experienced trauma or PTSD.
Wendy R., May 2023
Life changing! I was skeptical while doing my research because I couldn’t imagine how such a simple procedure could actually help me but it did more than I could have hoped. My thoughts are so much clearer now, like the fog is gone. I feel life around me like I am actually a part of it again. Most important, I feel like I can breathe in public again. I’m still me and I still have emotions and responses, it’s just they are appropriate to the situation. I can’t imagine how different the last 12 years might have been if I had this option sooner or knew about it. Unbelievable to me, the amount of treatment I have been through previously and no one ever recommended SGB. DR. Lynch was awesome, I was comfortable and informed at every step and was done in 30 minutes. I don’t know if it’s a combination of me having both sides done or if I was just more susceptible to the left side block but I had a more significant result after the left side block was done. I walked out of the office and felt the sun on my face for the first time in years. If you’re are struggling…do it! Nothing but upside.
Joseph Smith, Jun 2023
“Reactive to resiliant – 1 month review ”
I feel compelled to share. I’m hoping someone like me reads this and benefits, as I have, from SGB. TLDR: My anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, reactivity, brain fog, and “monkey brain”, and even ADHD went from “nearly every day” to “a few days a month”. (From 30 days to 5 ish.) > 50+ yo executive, non-veteran, w/ childhood trauma, Dissociative Identity Disorder (diagnosed in my 50’s). Stuck. My brain was agitated and anxious and now it’s calm, and clear (most of the time). I still feel stress and get ‘triggered’; it’s just less often. A lot less often. I also get unstuck faster. If I got stressed at something 10 times before SGB, now it’s 2 or 3 times. Though now and then I’ll react too strongly, it’s less frequent, and less strong. Therapy really helped me — and I feel SGB has helped make it easier for me to change. A fresh start. Lastly, I liked the way Dr. Lynch hits 2 spots on SGB. Great experience with this fantastic physician.
C.B., May 2023
From the very begining everything with this provider has been easy. From the paper work to schedualing and payment of treatment. Most importantly Dr. Mulvaney and his staff care for you and your results. It does not matter if you are a combat veteran (which I am), first responder or someone with any kind of mental or phisycal trauma, they want you to be healed. I can not thank them enough for what they have done for me and my family. I have a new life.

Shawn D., May 2023
I am a forty year veteran and retired Warrant Officer from the US Army and having been fighting depression and anxiety since about 1996. I was assigned at the Pentagon in Washington DC for about 32 years of a 40 year career. I was there at the Pentagon on September 11th and where the plane crashed was where I supposed to be in meeting all in the meeting died and I was 10 minutes late for the meeting. All this over all these years made my depression and anxiety go to the max. I have tried 25 different kinds of medication, I have tried TMS, Hypnosis, just about anything to relieve the thoughts in my head. Until I came to the Stellate Institute and Dr Lynch I did not think there was ever going to be any relief. I was wrong, after i got the Ganglion Block all the thoughts are gone the depression is gone and the anxiety is so low I don’t even know its there most of the time. This procedure saved my life and I thank Dr Lynch everyday for my new life.
Rodger S., May 2023
“Have Zero Doubt”

If you are on the fence as to whether or not to have this proceedure done, please read this and change your thought.
Many times you hear the phrase “too good to be true,” this isn’t one of those times. Find a way to get here and get the SGB done… you will not regret it!
Immediately after the first shot I felt like I had taken a heavy pack off after a long hike. The tension, the anxiety, and the sadness left me. I am typing this now after my second shot and feel even better.
I did a lot of research and came in still with some skepticism, but I am now a believer.
Semper Fi!
Keagan M., May 2023
This experience has changed my life.” 
My name is Beth Botak in January 2021. I developed Covid. I had a fairly mild case, and two weeks later started developing persistent brain fog, dizziness, balance, issues, anxiety, shortness of breath, vision issues. The worst for me was feeling like I was never a part of my body. I found out about the stellate ganglion block, and that they were having some luck helping people with long Covid. I received the block a little over a week ago and I had to say my brain fog has completely lifted, I have more energy, balance and dizziness is slightly better and anxiety has improved. Now onto the best part it was a fabulous experience. The stellate Institute was amazing. Dr. Lynch performed my block and he stayed with me the entire time he was 100% invested into how I was feeling and what he could do to help anyone that is reading this knows that is unusual today. If you are suffering with Covid long haulers, check out the stellate ganglion block. It is worth a trip to Annapolis to work with these doctors. I am forever grateful.
Beth Botak, May 2023

Doc had the BEST bedside manner with top notch professionalism. His understanding of patient concerns and his ability to explain everything in a way that it was easiest for me as the patient to understand. It was an explaination of how the procedure came about along with what to expect during and afterwards. The real benifits that I experienced immediately to help unload my body and mind as a first responder dealing with the trauma, stress, depression, and anxiety after years on the job. Any first responder that deals with this daily do not be afraid to try. The stigma and fear that prevents us from talking, reaching out, or asking for help dealing with the toll it takes on our mind and body slowly leads our lives into solitude and misery. You owe it to yourself, family, friends, and partners to reach out and take your life back to be the best version of yourself!
R. R., May 2023
Great experience with this. I waited a while to see if it worked out and it has helped with my overthinking. I would highly recommend this to anyone who suffers from PTSD. Everyone in the office is really awesome and welcoming as well. Thanks for everything.
Brian P., May 2023
SGB for PTSD is hands down the single most life-changing treatment I have tried. Dr. Mulvaney gave me my life back. I went from wishing I was dead every day trapped in my own mental prison with severe hypervigilance and anxiety attacks that I could not leave my house or be a part of my kids’ lives how I wanted. I am feeling at least 85% better mentally and functioning at levels which are drastically better than the previous 30 something years. Colors are brighter. I can hear birds chirping, and I am free from the intruding thoughts that plagued my whole life. It is very frustrating seeing people I care about struggling and on the edge, especially knowing how a simple procedure could improve their lives in ways they haven’t fathomed possible. I hope one day they experience the relief that I have received. Today I can think clearly. I am filled with hope for the future, peace in my heart, and can be here for my kids in the present.
Kaity B., Apr 2023
“Great experience, great doctor.”
I saw Dr. Lynch for help with post-covid neuro issues, headaches, dizziness, etc. I’d previously seen a pain management doctor to get a stellate ganglion block, not without success, but Dr. Lynch was incredibly more experienced and knowledgeable. Dr. Lynch’s overall process was top-notch, implementing an advanced technique, the injections didn’t hurt a bit, and it was very effective. I wish I’d seen him sooner, I’m so much better now, worth every penny.
M H., Apr 2023
I can’t possibly express in a google review the depth of my gratitude toward Dr.Mulvaney and for his use of the Stellate Ganglion Block for PTSD. I mean how do you thank someone properly, in a review, for saving your life? This is not hyperbole. This doctor and this procedure saved my life. When I came in to see Dr.Mulvaney, I hadn’t slept more than an hour a night for over a month and a half. I was so desperate to sleep, I had begun taking triple the amount of anti anxiety medication my doctor had prescribed and still I wasn’t sleeping. Immediately, after SGB, I felt relief and like the weight of ages was removed from my being. The night after the procedure I finally slept. Thank you Dr.Mulvaney for giving me peace, and my life back. My greatest hope is that all who are suffering, like I was, will be able to find their way to Dr.Mulvaney and get the help that they need.
Deborah G., Apr 2023
“The attention and care Dr. Lynch displayed made me feel like I was his only patient that day.”
He was so kind, very informative, and took his time to make sure I was completely comfortable and all of my questions were answered. I was nervous going into the procedure but it was really painless and quick.
Allison W., Mar 2023
I am glad while researching the SGB, I found Dr. Mulvaney. I am beyond grateful for Dr. Mulvaney and the work he has put into this life changing procedure. I served in the United States Marine Corps from 2003-2007 and deployed multiple times to Iraq. For 20 years of my life, I lived with non-stop issues with PTSD and got used to the fact that there was no hope, I was beyond damaged, and I just had to deal with it. After years of different medications and therapies, I was introduced to the SGB and decided to have it done. It was the only option I had left and had nothing to lose. I was hesitant at first but when I watched and read testimonials and read Dr. Mulvaney’s published works, I felt more positive. As for the procedure, there are no complaints about it. Dr. Mulvaney talked with me in detail about the procedure. He discussed what he would be doing step by step and also talked to me each step during the procedure. I liked that because it made me feel more comfortable and it showed that he cares and is very dedicated to this procedure.  After each injection, Dr. Mulvaney asked me how I was feeling or what I was feeling, and he discussed what was going on and why. The injections were quick and painless, and the results were amazing. After my second block, I thanked him for everything, and he didn’t just have a normal response. Dr. Mulvaney had a deep caring response that made me know he is very compassionate about healing others. I felt relief from many of the symptoms I was living with daily for years. Dr. Mulvaney changed and saved my life in words that I cannot explain. If you are considering the SGB for PTSI, I highly recommend Dr. Mulvaney.
Kenny D, Mar 2023
Dr. Lynch has exceptional bedside manner. His professionalism is unmatched. Going in for a treatment like this; we all have a reason- and he understands that. He is friendly, kind, gentle, and thoughtful in every interaction with patients.  His entire team is friendly and welcoming. They use a perfect balance of protecting their team from secondary trauma or over sharing with the genuine approach of caring for patients. It’s a safe place to seek help without the expectation of someone digging too deep in a way that harmful. They assess for the required things and then kindly guide you through the process towards healing through a SGB.  I openly discuss my experience with others who can benefit from the treatment. Many receive them at a VA clinic, however I’ve found the differences in the approach taken by Dr. Lynch has proved my results to be greater than those who has received treatment elsewhere.
Anonymous, Mar 2023
“The smoothest and easiest medical experience from start to finish.”

I was sent here through a veterans non profit, Troops First Foundation. Dr. Mulvaney and his entire staff are extremely cordial and welcoming. Everyone seemed to be happy to be here helping people. Genuinely a good crew here.  The SGB proceedure was extremely simple, fast and pain free. I had some reservations about the location of the injections but Dr. Mulvaney and his team handled everything and make the process very smooth and easy. Can’t say enough good things!
Tyler M., Mar 2023
“Excellent care!”

Dr. Lynch was terrific. He took the time to explain everything in great detail; more importantly, he listened carefully. He was also incredibly careful during the procedures, which produced no pain at all and which yielded immediate benefit. Overall, an outstanding experience. Highly recommended!
J. L., Mar 2023
Dr. Lynch is probably one of the best doctors I have seen in any discipline. He really cares about his work and his patients and took a lot of time to make sure I understood the procedure and walk me through the steps. Just great all around. The procedure itself? I was hoping the SGB would help me a bit hopefully, but it really seems to be working wonders so far, so much more than I expected or even hoped. I have tried so many forms of therapy and medication over so many decades I thought there would be no real help with my PTSD symptoms, but what a difference this has made. I really feel like I can take some real steps forward now. Thank you so much Dr. Lynch and everyone at the Stellate Institute. I’m glad I took a chance!
Jackie D., Feb 2023
Amazing, Dr. Mulvaney was very descriptive of the whole procedure. Answered all my questions. quick and easy process from start to finish.. I can’t express enough how grateful I am to Dr. Mulvaney and his team for giving me the hope to keep going.
Joshua E., Feb 2023
“Dr. Lynch has changed my life”
I have dealt with PTSD and severe anxiety disorder for 20 years. The trauma I endured and never could speak of had me at a complete loss of who I was anymore. I chose to do both sides for the best overall outcome. When I walked in the second day, Dr. Lynch could not believe what a drastic change one day had made. Extremely difficult, but I was determined to see the next day through. It has changed my life and I am forever indebted to Dr. Lynch. I pray more people become aware of this procedure.
M. O., Feb 2023
Dr. Mulvaney and his staff are some of the kindest people in the world. They respect me and treat me so well, there is no second guessing my reality. This procedure is the best treatment I have ever received for PTSD. I want to mention Operation First Response as well. Their generosity has helped me more than once with obtaining services with Dr. Mulvaney.
Gregg L., Feb 2023
“This procedure saved my life!”
The care and time that Dr. Lynch and his staff gave to me were life changing. I was in the worst mental pain I had ever been in and was on the edge of darkness. With the assistance of my psychologist and the dignity and respect that was given to me through Dr. Lynch’s team, I was open to getting the SGB procedure, and it was life changing. Before I left the room I was in, I could feel years of torment and anxiety lifted that had been weighing against my shoulders due to combat related trauma. I could finally think clearly again and was able to process things without going down unhealthy rabbit holes. My anxiety and depression were decreased by a good 90% (yes, it works this well). I am able to differentiate between a trigger at home and what my body used to feel like in combat). I am now able to process the things that triggered me with logic and reason, which has helped me quickly regulate my body’s response.
I’m happier, I sleep better, I want to exercise again, I am able to love
G. L., Feb 2023
Dr. Mulvaney did an SGB on both sides. I felt immediately calm, relaxed, as if I drank 2 glasses of wine. He is the best of the best. His office staff was kind, and overall great atmosphere. He is so knowledgable, he listened, was extremely compassionate. I take his advise and I am so thankful to meet him. Out of all my doctors, he has helped me so much.
Sarah S., Feb 2023
“Eye opening and Relief”
Dr Lynch was a true professional and care giver. All my questions were answered and any and all heads up were provided before, during and after the procedure. My nervousness was eased with his process. I didn’t feel like there was a time hack like with most doctors you visit.
Ross., Feb 2023
My experience with Dr. Mulvaney has been nothing short of exceptional. I am a medically retired Marine and I am suspicious of everyone. But I met Dr. Mulvaney in Easton, Md and had a long conversation about the stellate ganglion block and other treatment options. After this conversation I was determined to be treated at ROSM. My experience after a left and right side SGB has been great. The only way I can think to describe the feeling is relaxed and enlightened. Don’t be an idiot. If PTSD and/or TBIs are making life difficult reach out to ROSM and at least listen about this treatment.
Brian S., Jan 2023
This procedure was a game changer. My numbers were 76/80 and are now 27/80 one week out. Dr. Lynch was the best. If you want to improve your life please have the S.G.B.
Dave C. Philadelphia, PA., Jan 2023
“Fantastic Experience with fantastic results”
Doc Lynch took his time to fully explain to my wife and me what we were going to do, why, and how. There are a few ways to do this procedure and doc uses an ultrasound to ensure he had a great understanding of my anatomy. The SGB has shown great results and is helping me deal with my PTSD.
Matt P., Jan 2023
The relief was near immediate, the experience was quite phenomenal. From first contacting this provider to getting into the office, everything was simple, straight forward and relatively easy. The staff was professional, responsive, helpful and kind. On the date of my first SGB appointment, Dr. Mulvaney took ample time in explaining the procedure and answered all my questions. He was able to articulate things in an understandable manner. The procedure itself was simple and relatively painless. However the relief was beyond measure. I had been one to have experienced symptoms of PTSD, Major Depression and Anxiety for years. With the first SGB, the relief came in phases and probably within a 30 minute window. The relief and release of tension was quite amazing in experiencing first hand.
T.O., Jan 2023
“I’m truly grateful for Dr. Lynch and his amazing staff!”
I have been dealing with PTSD and have decidedly been on the losing side the last couple years. However, the clinical practice director at Pasadena Villa in McLean, VA recommended the Stellate Institute in Annapolis, MD. As I was losing hope, I was willing to try anything. I am so glad I did! I met with Dr. Lynch, and he explained how the stellate ganglion block “treats the injury of trauma.” He described the process in detail and answered all my questions. The block is not painful and only takes 15 minutes. Immediately afterwards, my sympathetic nervous system and “fight-or-flight” response were essentially turned off…for the first time in decades. It was an unbelievable feeling as my PTSD symptoms significantly diminished. The impact of the block did wear off in time. I have repeated this procedure and will likely need to do so in the future. I’m truly grateful for Dr. Lynch and his amazing staff! They take an active interest in you and how you respond to the block.
M. B., Jan 2023
Dr. Mulvaney was very upfront talking about the procedure, the side effects of what could happen with the procedure, and what the overall gain was after the two injections were made. I feel like an absolutely new person without the anxiety and anger levels that I have been living with for so many years. I feel like I can wake up and feel like a normal person again!! Thank you for everything and giving me my life back.
R. A., Jan 2023
I had read about this procedure for a couple years. I had spoken to a few people that had the procedure and watched interviews. I didn’t quite believe that it would have the effect that it did. I was in tears to feel the weight of the stress of tense muscle and the on guard feeling to fade. This works. if you have the chance to have this procedure done, do it. It doesn’t hurt, it’s like a pinch a few minutes and you are done. I felt it within minutes. You can start again with a new day and find out what its like to live, love, and laugh and not have to wear a “mask” anymore. Trust in it. I would speak to every Vet out there that struggles with demons and look them in the eye and say, You can be alive again.
J. M., Jan 2023
“Dr. Lynch cares about his patients’ well being and goes above and beyond in terms of patient care.”
Dr. Lynch is thorough, experienced and caring. He really listens to understand. He strives to make your experience exceptional. He is genuinely passionate about healing PTSD and it shows in the quality care he provides.
Caroline F., Dec 2022
“Professional and Caring”
Dr. Lynch is a thorough, knowledgeable, and caring doctor. He genuinely cares about your welfare, and I was very touched by a follow-up phone call he made to me when I was in a dark spot. Our mental health is so important, and while we can’t always know which way is up when we’re down and out, we remember the people who cared. Dr. Lynch cares.
Bejamin H., Dec. 2022
“The most help after being stuck in fight or flight for 15 years”
Dr. Mulvaney made the experience easy and understandable. Every second of the process was described in detail and nothing came as a surprise. I did not feel overwhelmed or discounted with my concerns. He made me feel confident in the procedure, his skills, and my prognosis. After being stuck in my head for 15 years and trying all types of therapies, this was the first time I was able to relax. I couldn’t even remember what calm felt like. This has been a huge success in treating my generalized anxiety disorder.
Summer M., Dec. 2022
“SGB experience was better than I imagined it could be”
I was nervous and somewhat reluctant to have the SGB treatment. I shared this with Dr. Lynch who listened, didn’t judge, and offered his support. He took his time, explained everything thoroughly and helped me get through the procedure easily and comfortably. The atmosphere was relaxing and spa-like. In the end, I really enjoyed the process. And post-treatment, I believe the best is yet to come. I highly recommend Dr. Lynch and SGB treatment.
Mark M., Dec. 2022
“Amazing, professional and thorough experience”
From the time I arrived to my appointment the staff was kind and accommodating. Dr. Mulvaney walked me through each step of the procedure. His confidence is comforting and his experience clearing shines.
Clint M., Dec. 2022
“Mis sintomas de PTSD desaparecieron/PTSD symptoms do go away”
Gracias a la genial experiencia medica y habilidades del Doctor Lynch, mis sintomas de Estress Post Traumatico (PTSD) desaparecieron. Recomiendo enormemente el procedimiento SGB para pacientes con PTSD, es rapido, seguro y efectivo.
Thanks to the amazing care and technique by Doctor Lynch, my symptoms of PTSD have gone away. I am incredibly grateful to have found him. I greatly recommend the SGB procedure for patients with PTSD, it is quick and safe and very effective.
Libni C., Dec. 2022
“A safe and very pleasant experience that has left me feeling better immediately.”
Dr Mulvaney and his staff were very kind, competent, and professional. Every aspect of the experience was positive. I am very hopeful that I will get lasting results from the SGB procedure, especially since I have tried many different treatments. I can’t imagine a more competent and caring doctor.
Steve O., Dec. 2022
“Dr. Lynch explained what to expect during and after the SGB, answering all of my questions to ensure I was comfortable before he started.”
Although I was nervous about the SGB procedure, I was excited too. I was finally going to get relief from feeling anxious and overwhelmed all the time. Dr. Lynch put me at ease. He provided clear expectations, answered my questions, and ensured I was comfortable during and after the SGB. I’m thankful for Dr. Lynch and the SGB. After years of debilitating anxiety, I finally feel like I can cope. 100% worth it!
J. H., Dec. 2022
Dr Mulvaney, was awesome! He is knowledgeable, compasionate.
Ty B., Dec. 2022
“So grateful for Dr. Lynch and his passion to help veterans.”
As a desert storm veteran with 13 years of service ending in a medical discharge, I’ve been dealing with PTSD for 30 years. My daughter mentioned the SGB “shot” and did all the research, set up the appt and everything. My wife and I have been married 38 years, and were skeptical of this procedure working. My only regret is that i didnt do it sooner and i am SO glad i did it! I am so grateful for Dr. Lynch and the true care and passion he has in helping veterans get their life back. I honestly cant explain how clear my head feels and how good i sleep now. Thank you again for everything Dr. Lynch from myself and my family.
A F., Nov. 2022
“Dr. Mulvaney and his entire staff are FANTASTIC!!”
I flew all the way from KY to specifically receive a medical treatment that Dr. Mulvaney is THE expert. His bedside manner, explanation of every part of the treatment was fantastic. I am in the medical field myself and providers as amazing as Dr. Sean Mulvaney are extremely rare. His treatment has changed my life.
Michael A., Nov. 2022
Dr. Mulvaney walked me through the entire process, took the time to answer all my questions and made me feel completely at ease. The process was painless and he took great care of me. I cannot recommend him enough. I wish all doctors were as wonderful as Dr. Mulvaney!
Angela C., Nov. 2022
As a veteran with PTSD I can not begin to describe how Dr. Lynch Chan my life. He sat and talked with me not just about the procedure but also just about me. He shared stories and made me feel like a person and not just a patient. The SGB has truly helped me feel normal again. Something I never thought was possible. Now I am taking this opportunity to help myself long term and begin a road to recovery I never thought would be possible. Thank you Dr. Lynch I can not begin to tell you how thankful I am for you.
Jim R., Nov. 2022
I have tried so many different treatments in the past and have had little to no success. The SGB has totally changed my perspective and given me a newfound sense of hope that relief is not just possible, but clearly attainable. I am a firm believer in this treatment for PTSD/TBI symptoms, and I cannot stress enough how important this work is. Dr Mulvaney is a consummate professional and I greatly appreciate the work he is doing in this field.
Dan P., Nov. 2022
“Really great experience, very kind caring people.”
Dr, Lynch was so kind and explained everything to my husband and I and put me at ease. I really could tell he cares and only wants to help people. I felt reassured and comfortable with how everything went. It has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend Dr. Lynch and trying the block.
Kelly S., Nov. 2022
I have suffered from multiple head injuries for years. Dr Mulvaney has significantly improved my quality of life with the SGB shots, improving my PTSD, neck pain, TMJ, heart variable, brain fog, and photo/audio sensitivity. I wish more doctors knew about this to assist patients in their head trauma recovery.
Kelley H., Nov. 2022
Dr Lynch performed a SGB on me for long covid. I had very little taste and smell from covid for 11 months. What I could taste or smell was distorted. I traveled over 3 hours one way to Dr Lynch. The entire process was very easy. All my paperwork was done prior to my appointment with his great office staff. The procedure was explained thoroughly, competently and compassionately. Dr Lynch took great care talking me through the injection. I have my taste and smell back. So many people are suffering with this and Dr Lynch has made me whole again. I can’t thank him enough. I would give him and his incredible staff 1000 stars.
Cindy R., Nov. 2022
As the wife of one of our nations veterans I have watched the love of my life struggle with the ups and downs of PTSD with no relief or hope until we learned of Dr Mulvaney and the SGB procedure. My husband has been completely changed by this procedure. I have my husband back -and for this I am incredible grateful. Thank you Dr Mulvaney for committing yourself to our veterans and for offering this life changing procedure. I am forever thankful!
Keely H., Nov. 2022
“As close to a miracle as I’ve ever seen”
The SGB shot (both sides) was as close to a miracle as I’ve ever seen. My wife’s PTSD score went from I believe 73 to 6 and stayed very low for about 6 weeks. She got a one side single shot after those 6 weeks and it still helped a ton but not quite as much as the 2 shots the first time. We’re scheduling our third visit now. Everyone’s experience is different, but typically, each round of these shots will give you a longer period of relief before PTSD symptoms start coming back. For some people one shot can give permanent healing and for other it can take multiple or continuous treatment. Even if this is something my wife will continue to have to do it’s so life changing it’s absolutely worth it. It gave her her life back. Since her experience 4 other family members have also gotten the shot with good results.
She saw Dr. Lynch and he was extremely caring, professional, and able to work with her in a way that made her feel very safe and comfortable. By far the best experience my wife and I have ever had with a doctor.
David, Oct, 2022
Dr. Mulvaney is THE MOST compassionate, understanding, nonjudgmental, very spiritual and genuine, highly intelligent a very hopeful outlook and has mercy on the most traumatized of persons. The experience was PIVOTAL and EPIC. I was trained as an OT and a PA and wish that I could volunteer for him!!!!!!!The SGB made me feel intense euphoria and a high. We all need a break from this stressful world, especially facing major sickness…this will help you to relax without masking the problem with a pill. He is gentle, methodical, highly spiritual and treats the patient as a whole. Makes me feel like I’m locked in heaven for so long……..
Rebecca Anderson, Oct. 2022
“Truly amazing and life altering for the better”
Dr. Lynch had my complete trust upon meeting him and his ability to explain the procedure. He put me at ease with his experience and knowledge. He has been an advocate of the SGB for over 10 years and wants the benefits for everyone. I was afraid of doctors and needles. Again, he had my complete trust. As for the needles, I did not need any local anesthetic and I barely felt it. My world is forever changed. I love it. Thank you,
Toni M., October 2022
“Life changing experience”
I’ve personally been to tons of doctors in my life, but Dr Mulvaney is by far the best doctor I’ve ever encountered. First and foremost he makes you feel extremely comfortable by walking you through every step of the procedure while doing it. Also he takes his time ensuring that everything goes nice and smoothly. He made me feel like i was his own personal family. His procedure was completely painless as well. Overall i would recommend Dr.Mulvaney to everyone, by far the best experience i have ever encountered!
Mehdi S., Sep 2022
“A life-changing experience!”
Dr. Lynch has changed my life. Before I had my SGB treatment, I was experiencing severe PTSD-related anxiety for extended periods of time, as well as physical responses to triggers. Less than a week after treatment, all of those physical symptoms were gone and I am now able to brush triggers aside without them ruining my day or week.
Dr. Lynch is by far the best medical provider I have ever encountered. Even though he had never spoken to me before, he immediately made me feel comfortable, seen, and heard. He explained everything so clearly and took plenty of time to make sure I understood the procedure and had all of my questions answered. Being treated for emotional trauma puts one in a very vulnerable position, but I felt completely safe and comfortable with Dr. Lynch. I would recommend him to anyone seeking SGB treatment.
Jennifer M., Sep 2022
I want to personally report what an AMAZING job Dr. Sean Mulvaney of The Stellate Institute did in helping a family member. They had been going through deep depression for years. Finally, it got to the breaking point where there would be no coming back. I immediately reached out to Doc Mulvaney. He got them in immediately and performed the Stellate Ganglion Block.
I’m so happy to report they are of a totally new mindset. Quote: “I don’t have my inner voices telling me everything that goes wrong is my fault.”, “I can breathe again.”, and “I am the happiest with myself since I was a child.”
If you have anxiety, depression, or anything weighing your down, PLEASE contact The Stellate Institute and have Dr. Sean Mulvaney or Dr. James Lynch, MD help you. Only takes about an hour and it was soooo easy.
Ken K., Sep 2022
“Dr. Lynch is the doctor we all hope for.”
He truly cares about his patients and gets to understand them. It is more than just an injection, the dialogue with him is truly amazing. I have had the SGB procedure done several times now and I will say without a doubt it has changed my life. I never thought I could feel the way I did after the procedure. It was like a new me! Thank You for giving me the opportunity to feel like a new person with a positive view on life.
Chris R., Sep 2022
My experience with Dr. Mulvaney was exceptional. The entire staff is extremely caring and professional. The SGB itself was an easy process. Dr. Mulvaney took time to explain everything and ensured comfort along the way. I immediately experienced relief from my symptoms associated with TBI/ PTSD.
Jay A., Sep 2022
“Life changing.”
I have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours seeking respite from the physical and emotional symptoms of my PTSD. I have been on a multitude of medications and seen numerous medical professionals and Dr Lynch is the absolute best I’ve met. He is knowledgeable, careful, sets realistic expectations while thoroughly answering any questions one may have. His bedside manner is outstanding and once he sensed I was nervous post procedure he stayed and spoke with me and my husband to reassure me. As a veteran he understands the trauma veterans endure, he also understands that not all trauma comes from military service. For those that are hesitating please consider this treatment and if you so I recommend Dr. Lynch. A week after my procedure, I did the left and right sides, Since my procedure I have had panic attacks since my procedure and they are severely reduced and I have the mental space to acknowledge what’s happening and respond. Dr Lynch truly changed my life.
R E., Sep 2022
In 15 years of chronic illness and pain, I have never encountered a doctor with better bedside manner than Dr. Mulvaney nor a treatment as helpful as the stellate ganglion block he performed. After only 2 weeks, the difference in my symptoms has been life-changing. I cannot recommend this physician or treatment (if appropriate) highly enough.
Samantha H., Sep 2022
COVID: Parosmia/Dysgeusia: “Wonderful and successful experience!”
I received the stellate ganglion block due to my loss of taste and smell for two years after having Covid. Dr. Lynch was amazing every step of the way. He is very knowledgable and explained the procedure thoroughly beforehand. The process was quick and painless and within minutes after the procedure, I had regained my taste and smell almost 100%. Most importantly, my fatigue and brain fog I struggled with for two years, is completely gone. I am now 2 weeks post-procedure and I feel like I got my life back. If you are on the fence about getting the SGB, take the leap and do so with Dr. Lynch, and get your life back!
Melissa F., Aug 2022
I was absolutely amazed by the results! I have dealt with interstitial cystitis/pelvic floor dysfunction and PTSD for the past 15 years. Within minutes of the procedure I felt complete relief in my pelvic floor. All the tension that I had carried for years disappeared. I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off me physically and mentally!
Nicole M., Sep 2022
“This procedure has made a difference in my life that is like night and day. I can now live my life in a way I didn’t think was possible before the procedure.”
I was assaulted almost a decade ago and my PTSD impacted so many aspects of my life that I felt like I would never have control over again. Prior to the procedure, I had an extremely difficult time sleeping every night and very rarely was able to sleep through the whole night. I am now able to sleep through the whole night regularly and feel so much more rested. It is unbelievable.
I feel like I have my life back and am able to do things that used to make me happy that I couldn’t do before. I do not have a racing heart and I don’t get scared anymore at night. I had paralyzing fear and anxiety quite often, and it is almost entirely gone. Many things that used to make me nervous and feel overwhelmed do not anymore. This experience changed my life and Dr. Lynch was very patient, thoughtful, kind, and respectful. I am eternally grateful for this procedure and to feel like myself again for the first time in years.
J. R., Aug 2022
Dr. Mulvaney and his team are outstanding. I submitted the paperwork and received a phone call to schedule appointments the next day. I opted for both right and left sided blocks as I traveled a long distance. The office staff and medical assistants were professional and helpful. A short time later I met Dr. Mulvaney. He explained exactly how the procedure would go and thoroughly answered my questions regarding the SGB (Stellate Ganglion Block). The procedure itself was quick and painless. Within several minutes I felt a massive weight had been lifted off my chest. I can breathe deeper/easier after the SGB. Dr. Mulvaney explained to me this is what life feels like without anxiety being present. Something I struggled with for many years after leaving active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps. On the evening of the first SGB, I met up with another Marine from my old unit in a busy pub. Normally I would’ve ordered to go, however, I sat down for nearly two hours to enjoy a meal and catch up with an old friend. I knew then the SGB had worked for me. Since returning home I have doubled my cardio routine and maintain a higher quality of sleep. I’m not a doctor, but if you are suffering from anxiety or Post Traumatic Stress I believe Dr. Mulvaney has the ability to help get your life back on track.
Jake P., Aug 2022
Dr. Lynch and the SGB saved the life of someone I love dearly. I had witnessed PTSD and eventually long covid symptoms nearly take their life. This shot did not make all the pain go away. But it gave enough relief for healing to take place. If you or someone you know suffers from PTSD or crippling anxiety do not hesitate, the SGB is literally a life saver. This practice in particular cannot be recommended highly enough. They are compassionate and meticulous.
Michelle D., Aug 2022
I want to personally report what an AMAZING job Dr. Sean Mulvaney of The Stellate Institute did in helping a family member. They had been going through deep depression for years. Finally, it got to the breaking point where there would be no coming back. I immediately reached out to Doc Mulvaney. He got them in immediately and performed the Stellate Ganglion Block. I’m so happy to report they are of a totally new mindset. Quote: “I don’t have my inner voices telling me everything that goes wrong is my fault.”, “I can breathe again.”, and “I am the happiest with myself since I was a child.” If you have anxiety, depression, or anything weighing your down, PLEASE contact The Stellate Institute and have Dr. Sean Mulvaney or Dr. James Lynch, MD help you. Only takes about an hour and it was soooo easy.
Ken K., Aug 2022
“SGB reset ALL our lives…”
As a combat infantryman veteran after many years of suffering, my husband decided to seek the SGB treatment for his family but had no idea how much this would help him. He is still alert and protective, but the extreme intensity is gone and so is the feeling of danger at every corner. The IMMEDIATE results of feeling free from intense anxiety brought us all to tears. He is happy, personable, and remembers the good things now. He now can walk me through any anxiety he feels, in a healthy way! We interact and communicate more and spend more time with our kids. They LOVE seeing that Dad’s days are easier and more fun! This reset all our lives! Dr. Lynch was so caring and legitimately got excited to see the immediate results in my husband (double thumbs up). Saying thank you to Dr. Lynch doesn’t scratch the surface of how much we appreciate his help. We consider him a friend, and a brother.
M.L., Aug 2022
Genuinely pleased with the treatment I received. I made the decision to give it a chance after doing my own research and a recommendation from my best friend.  Personally went into it without expectations. I tried to be open to the possibility of favorable results, while still having a bit of skepticism. However, following the first day of treatment, I actually did feel and experience a real noticeable difference. A fantastic outcome after just the first day. Doubt quickly leaped to the forefront though, as I began to think what if this was my mind under a false sense of positive results, the changes were nothing more than a placebo effect. I tried immediately to think of a way to really “test” it. Well I did, and was instantly proven wrong about the treatment being a placebo.  2nd day, slightly better than the first day in terms of results. At least for you, as I am writing this on the day of my 2nd treatment.
I don’t have the answer as to whether it will be a miracle for anyone else, but can confidently say for me it was just that, a miracle.
TLDR: top-tier doctor, exceptional results from treatment. Absolutely recommend.
Scottie S., Jul 2022
“Stellar experience at Stellate Institute”
Dr. Lynch truly cares about his patients and is very thorough. He has excellent bedside manner and takes his time to answer every question you may have about PTSD and the SGB procedure. I will admit I was pretty nervous during my first visit as I did not know what to expect, but Dr. Lynch explained the process and talked me through the procedure every step of the way. You are not rushed and are encouraged to ask as many questions as you need to.
I had excellent results with the SGB where my PCL-5 was initially a 56 and decreased to 19 (GAD-7 decreased to 5 from initial 18) after my first right-side injection. I opted to receive a second injection and already feel additional benefits. I feel so blessed to have such a genuine provider in my corner and will definitely come back as needed. I highly recommend Dr. Lynch!
Meagan F., Jul 2022
“Outstanding medical services provided.”
Dr. Mulvaney actually takes the time to listen and completely answer questions. The entire medical staff are professional and care about their patients. Great experience overall.
Jacob P., Jul 2022
“Dr.Lynch is such an great doctor he really cares”
i had treatment on both sides. minimal pain which was a plus. I felt like 50 lbs was lifted off my chest and i could finally take a deep breathe again after years of living with complex PTSD.
After my first treatment i woke up the morning after not covered in sweat or overcome by panic from nightmares.  It is also great that he is an Army Vet. And we related on being Fort Bragg Family.  Dr.Lynch is so genuine that i really believe he continues to support the people he has helped. Army Strong Hooah!
Oriana F., Jul 2022
“Professional, well-run and pleased with my experience.”
My experience was exceptional. I had no expectations, I was a bit skeptical, but was open to attempt the treatment. After the first day, I noticed results, but chalked it up to a placebo effect. The ‘effect’ continued and while I remained on the fence. I quickly realized following my second treatment, the outcome is genuine and positive results.
David S., Jul 2022
“I feel like I just had my life saved”
It’s really hard to put words down when there is no description for the amount of emotions that I’m currently going through. Dr. Lynch was not only professional and kind, he made it feel as though I were a family member that he cared about.
Greg W., Jul 2022

“A life changing procedure with a kind and competent doctor”

Dr Lynch was very thorough in explaining exactly how the procedure works, why it works, and how it can help. He listened whenever I had questions and answered them clearly. The procedure was quick and easy. The effects have decreased my PTSD symptoms and high levels of anxiety tremendously. If you are considering doing the SGB procedure, I would highly recommend it.
Mary A., Jun 2022
“Life Changing”
I suffered from PTSD for many years following multiple traumatic events as a young adult. I gave up on counseling and almost on life. I was afraid I was getting my hopes up too much for the SGB treatment, but it far exceeded my expectations. I am so glad I made the trip to see Dr. Mulvaney. His experience not only with the medical procedure but with trauma victims was invaluable. I want people to know there is a solution. I’m calm, I’m interested in things again, I’m not in pain, I’m happy, and I’m excited for the future. Thank you so much.
A. G., Jun 2022

Dr Lynch addressed all of my questions pre and post SGB procedure. I felt safe and comfortable during the procedures, and I got a reduction of 90% of my anxiety symptoms, to the point of reducing most of my medications to almost nothing. I will always be extremely grateful to Dr Lynch and the Stellate institute for their caring help.
Lib C., Jun 2022
“I feel understood for the first time.”
Dr. Mulvaney gets it. You can tell when someone understands the struggle many service members go through every day. His treatment, therefore, comes from authentic care to help relieve suffering. I am so hopeful now that my body can rest. Already feeling the calm and relaxation, I know the SGB will help with the therapy and day to day healing: body, mind, and spirit.
Phillip H., Jun 2022
“Great Customer Service”

Dr. Lynch spent as much time as we needed to answer all our questions and give us a complete description of what he was going to do to my daughter. I was able to stay in the room with her and he made sure she was comfortable throughout the procedure. He stayed with us during recovery and took as much time as we needed. I was very impressed with his bedside manner and would recommend anyone to get in touch with Dr. Lynch.
Susan D., Jun 2022
“life changing”
dr mulvaney is extremely skilled and knowledgeable. from the beginning of the procedure till the end he explained every part of the process in detail and made the whole experience extremely comfortable and completely painless. the treatment is life changing. i didnt even know it was possible to feel happiness and peace in your life like this and that too overnight. i woke up a brand new person and i feel i can way more productive and finally work on building a good life for myself and the people around me.
C. G., Jun 2022
“This is life changing!”
I am so thankful for the opportunity to try this treatment. I felt a difference almost immediately and I am blown away by the changes I already see. I feel such a sense of calm and so much peace. I am so excited for what the future holds. Dr. Lynch and his staff are wonderful! (Thank you!!)

Anon., May 2022

“I feel like my old self again. I have never felt such peace. I am thankful”

Dr. Lynch is kind, compassionate and I never felt rushed, pressured or pushed through a “process”. He treated me like a special individual patient like he would have treated his own family. Thumbs up on the entire process from Heather in scheduling to my procedure to my outcome.
Kathleen Q., May 2022
“After years of managing complex PTSD symptoms, SGB provided lost lasting relief”

After struggling under crippling insomnia and chronic anxiety for years, SGB allowed me to return to a version of my high-functioning self. Those walking a similar path will know the frustrations of trying multiple medications, medical professionals without fluency in PTSD, short-lived solutions without durability; SGB provides long-lasting theraputic relief of PTSD symptoms that I haven’t experienced until now. Dr. Lynch is deeply knowledgeable, curious and attentive to his patients and their comprehensive care. His expertise in PTSD and the SGB procedure ensures lasting relief from the immediate symptoms and a high quality of care.
Rachel W., May 2022
“This was such a comforting environment.”
From the front desk to being called back for the procedure I was made to feel welcome and had my mind put at ease. Dr. Mulvaney makes you feel like family. Having the SGB shot has been a miracle in our family, it has restored my marriage and the relationship with our children.
Allison R, May 2022
“Amazing Experience!”

I almost never leave reviews, but I truly feel that I must share my experience in hopes that it will help even just one person.
I must admit that I was a bit skeptical at first of the SGB treatment as I had previously tried several medications for my anxiety and constant state of heightened alertness. As an active-duty service member serving currently serving in a strategic position of trust, I was extremely hesitant to seek medical treatment for my condition and I tucked it away in my rucksack and carried on for years.
Dr. Lynch assured my wife and I that I was normal and that the way that i felt was not my fault, but rather a natural anatomical response to things that I have experienced throughout my military career. Dr. Lynch took the time to listen to me and my wife and answer all of our questions without judgement.
The SGB treatment did wonders for me immediately and I was in a state of complete relaxation with zero anxiety or heightened alertness. I strongly recommend!!

Andrew H., May 2022

“SGB absolutely changed my life”
Dr. Mulvaney is a consumate professional, while also being a warm, engaging, down to earth, truly caring individual. He spends as much time as needed describing what he will be doing, and then describing everything he is doing during the procedure. He answered all of my questions and was very patient. His staff is friendly and efficient. The SGB procedure itself was quick, virtually painless (small stick of a tiny needle) and almost instantly effective. I felt a calmness and quiet in my mind that I have never experienced. When the left side was done on day 2, I felt my body relax completely, with no tension held anywhere. It is astounding to me. I feel like a new person, with limitless possibilities for my life, where before I was terrified, triggered, constantly on edge, and unable to connect with others. The peace that I feel now is so foreign, and will take some getting used to, but it is truly miraculous. Dr. Mulvaney is a marvel, and I would not hesitate to recommend him and SGB.
Amy B., May 2022
“Simply amazing”

Dr. Lynch took the time to make sure I truly understood the procedure and what it would feel like after. He took his time during the procedure and talked me through it, with minimal discomfort. I am simply amazed at how kind and compassion he is. Thanks Doc Lynch!

Mary P., May 2022

Dr. Lynch and his staff provided a caring and compassionate environment for world-class medical treatment.
Dr. Lynch was AMAZING! I have never had a medical provider spend as much time with me than Dr. Lynch did. He asked a lot of questions, listened intently, and then shared everything about the procedure, risks and the range of possible outcomes. He treated me as an equal, and was compassionate and caring throughout the entire process. He staff was equally caring and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Lynch and ROSM. – Kevin C., Apr 2022

Dr. Mulvaney is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. He genuinely cares about helping people. This is my second time receiving SGB and this time I did both sides; I thought I felt great after the first one, but the second day was so much better! I had my first SGB two years ago and it worked so well; I felt “normal”. Once my symptoms returned (following another traumatic event) I decided to come back for relief. I recommend this to anyone suffering. My anxiety, panic, and nightmares were non-existent following the procedure. I can’t say enough about SGB and Dr. Mulvaney–I feel like I got my life back, literally.  –  Christine S., Mar 2022

“The answer for my PTSD from childhood sexual abuse!!”
From the moment I met Dr. Lynch I felt like he understood me. I have had multiple years of therapy from being sexually abused by a pediatrician starting in 3rd grade yet my PTSD symptoms have only increased with age. At 55 I knew I needed to try something new. Trauma physically changes our bodies. This treatment has fixed the part of my body that was damaged. I literally can’t believe how much it has changed how my body responds to the world around it. With therapy, this is a very real solution to life threatening condition. Thank you Dr. Lynch. Words don’t even come close to how grateful I am to have met you. – Jason B., Apr 2022

I am an active duty service member and have worked with Dr. Mulvaney since 2016. He has treated my arm (permanent plate) with hydro-dissection and my anxiety/stress with a SGB. My first SGB was in 2016 and lasted for several years. This procedure is like no other and provides instant and measurable results. Its simple and safe and I consistently talk to other military individuals about this procedure. If you are on the fence, do it! You won’t regret it. When I found out Dr. Mulvaney had a private practice, I instantly booked an appointment for a SGB. Do you research, the science backs this procedure and it’s not invasive so there is little risk. Furthermore, if you are still on the fence, call the office; Dr. Mulvaney will take the time to talk and explain the procedure and answer any questions you have. – Renee W., Mar 2022

Life changing Experience
My experience with Dr. Lynch was unbelievable. From start to finish. His office staff—shoutout to Ms. Kim especially— were very responsive and caring. They took great care of me before I ever even made it into the office. Dr. Lynch was very calming, in spite of my apprehensions coming in. He explained everything. He was on time. He took his time with me and didn’t make the visit feel rushed or pressured in any manner. His hands are skilled and effective. His follow up even well after the procedure was more than I could have hoped for. Excellent bedside manners all around. Just the most likable guy you’d ever want to meet, let alone be your physician. Five-star service from beginning to end. Not only would I recommend him, but already have recommended him.  – Brendan G., Mar 2022

For all veterans out there that have doubt about this procedure, all I can say is you are missing out. For 8 years after the service all I ever felt was anger on a daily basis. I was always on edge and had trouble dealing with everyone. As time went on, I spent several days a week thinking about how I could take my own life. I just didn’t want to deal with the feelings anymore. Everyday I felt I wasn’t good enough or felt my kids deserved better. My name is Carlos Rivera and I’m living proof that this treatment works. My first experience with the treatment brought me peace for the first time since retiring. Are you angry all the time? Have you ever been so angry just by looking at someone who is happy? Have you ever wanted to feel the way you felt before your military career? This treatment has given me back my life. I feel happy!! I respond to people better, I sleep through the night, I’m still married to my amazing wife for 15 years now!! Don’t hesitate, this Will change your life!!  – Carlos Rivera, Mar 2022

“Tried everything? Try this.”
As a therapist with two masters degrees and over a decade of PTS symptoms – I’d love to say I knew the secret to fixing myself on my own.  I have been very fortunate to have incredible therapists with military family members with PTS who have had extra empathy for what it’s like. I have tried Effexor up to 225 mg, many other antidepressants in different combos, IV Ketamine, EMDR. Everything has helped me at different points of my journey but nothing has made me feel comfortable in my own skin.  I’m actually shocked at how SGB has worked.  I’m a few weeks out now and instead of having to do 30 minutes of progressive muscle relaxation to loosen my neck and shoulders and try to avoid migraine – I can notice the tension starting and consciously relax in a few moments.  I am gradually planning to do some exposure with my therapist and it’s interesting noticing the dramatic reduction in avoidance.  I am so grateful to have found Dr. Lynch and SGB. (ps have a good therapist to process with after).  – E.W., Dec 2021

I am an Oncology Nurse struggling with work-related PTSD. Dr. Mulvaney was very patient, thorough and attentive. He made me feel as though I was his most important and only patient. The procedure was clearly explained step-by-step and Dr. Mulvaney stayed with me for the first few minutes following the procedure, and then checked in on me himself several times following it to ensure I was doing well. He is amazing at what he does, has a true passion for freeing his patients from the bonds of PTSD. – Sara B, Sep 2021

“Dr Lynch is a fabulous and skilled doctor.”
My daughter has been searching for something to help her anxiety and CPTSD for years. From the minute we walked into the office Dr. Lynch made us feel relaxed and hopeful for the procedure. We have been to many doctors over the years. Dr Lynch is the most caring, kind, and patient doctor we have every met. The procedure did help in turning down the volume of anxiety in my daughter. I know it can seem intimidating to try an “out of the box” treatment but I would encourage you to try the Stellate Ganglion Block if you struggle with PTSD.    – T.L, Dec 2021

My son got the SGB shot from Dr. Mulvaney almost 2 years ago (for PTSD from childhood trauma). After the shot, he was able to get completely off of all regular meds (and he had been on some really heavy ones). He said he felt the weight of an elephant coming off of him and he couldn’t stop smiling. Recently, he started feeling like he needed another shot, so he got it, with great results again. Dr. Mulvaney is awesome. He takes the time to talk with you and gives great advice going forward. Best doctor’s office experience ever. – AWS Mom, Aug 2021

“What a relief!”
I had great results with SGB for complex PTSD. That terrible sensation of terror in my chest and stomach has decreased from 10/10 to about a 4. My experience with Dr Lynch is the best experience I have ever had with a physician. He is highly skilled, gentle, patient, and dedicated. It is a safe place to go for those obliterated by life who may be losing hope. Dr Lynch is the best of the best.  – Morgan H., Dec 2021

From the onset of my experience with Doctor Mulvaney and staff, I experienced an inviting, careful explanation of the process and procedure to be performed. The questions asked targeted the hurdles and weight that I was burdened with; directly tapping into how my body had been feeling, much of which I was unable to understand prior. During the procedure, I felt absolutely in the right hands of a professional who not only truly understood why and how I was struggling, but anticipated and guided me through the process with clear communication and acceptance for what my needs were. I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off me and more clarity in being able to notice and identify when I am acting or feeling a particular way. Being able to feel and see myself with more clarity is a gift that I would argue is absolutely priceless. This is an experience anyone with past experiences of trauma, extreme stress, or likewise events should consider reaching out to.  – Scott H., Mar 2022

“helpful treatment”
Dr. Lynch is an incredibly caring provider and I could not be happier with his care. I just left his office now after getting my third and fourth blocks from him. I got my first and second just about four months ago and am back because of the great difference I and the people closest to me have seen them make. I was in a terrible place before coming to Dr. Lynch that I could not imagine getting out of so I am so thankful.  – Brooke L., Dec 2021

“awesome experience !!”
Dr. Mulvaney and staff were awesome. I cannot believe the relief and wave of emotions i had with the SGB injection. My mind is so at ease. For once in a long time I feel NORMAL. Thank you for this gift of a new lifetime. SEMPER FI ! Thanks for helping my fellow Marines get their life back! – Brian S., Dec 2021

Life changing”
I have been suffering from PTSD symptoms for over 5 years after a life-threatening experience. The SGB has proven to be effective for me only a few minutes after the injection. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for what you do. This is an amazing experience. 
Pour les gens du Quebec, je vous recommande fortement les services de Dr Lynch pour traiter le stress post-traumatic. La clinique est parfaite et l’acces pour le traitement est facile.
Merci a toute l’equipe, – Fred H., Apr 2022

Definitely a master of his craft. I knew so much more about SGB after my visit than before. Dr. Mulvaney took the time to educate on the history, the benefits and possible side effects of SGB. I felt relaxed as soon as the procedure was over. Can’t wait to see what the long-term effects are. A special thanks to the SEAL Future Foundation for making this possible for Teamguys in need of this treatment. – Scott S., Mar 2022

I am 1 hour post injection and i have not felt this good in 20 years. I wish i had known about this years ago. If you suffer from PTSD don’t think about getting the injection, DO IT!!!!  – James M., Dec 2021

Incredible anxiety-killing procedure
Dr. Lynch was very helpful and informative.  The procedure takes 10 minutes and is painless.  The anxiety vanishes almost instantaneously.  Would highly recommend to anyone suffering from PTSD or high-anxiety.  Words cannot describe how thankful I was to find ROSM and Dr. Lynch.  – James P., Apr 2022

Seeing Dr. Mulvaney was one of the best decisions I have ever made, I only wish I would have known about this treatment and him earlier. If you are on the fence about doing this, please just make an appointment to see him. After serving 25 years in the Army and dealing with issues on my own I found Dr Mulvaney by luck. He changed my life in one afternoon and I highly recommend him to any veteran or anyone dealing with issues you just wish you could get out of your head. Just do it, see him and you will not regret it in my opinion. – Harold M., Sep 2021

The most incredible experience of my life
Dr. Lynch made this experience easy and stress free. This treatment has made me feel the best i have ever felt in my entire life. I am forever grateful for this experience and i hope many other people come and get this done!  – Michael R., Mar 2022 

“I received a Stellate Ganglion Block from Dr. Lynch” 
 During the past year I had struggled with extreme anxiety and constant nausea to the point where eating daily had become an issue. I tried medicines and therapy which were great, but the Ganglion block made the largest difference in my life by far. Within 24 hours of the procedure I took my first nap without medication in about two years which has been such a huge relief. I just came in to get my left side as well because it has been such a life changer. – Theo S., Sep 2021

Dr. Mulvaney is a gift for anyone and everyone – experiencing the life-altering effects of PTSD. He makes you feel at home, and he is by far, the most experienced in performing the SGB procedure. He is the teacher of the other doctors performing this procedure, except Dr. M has been doing it for decades and has actual, multiple published studies and data. His humility and bedside manner are what really makes the experience from start to finish, unlike any other, one that is a peaceful and comfortable one. The procedure was over before i knew it, and the effects are felt literally immediately. I recommend not waiting for things to “get or feel worse”. Pick up the phone and take the first step. I have been struggling with life altering, debilitating symptoms for over 10 years. When I researched for other “non talk therapy” that would help PTSD, I never knew that I would not only be combating PTSD head on – I certainly never knew it was possible that I’d have my life back again. – Meridith B., Jun 2021

I came in for help managing chronic neck pain. Dr. Mulvaney is extremely thorough with his care, He took the time listening to me and uncovered additional issues that were contributing to my pain. I had been suffering from PTSD for 12 years and my anxiety, and as result, my muscle tension was severe, Dr. Mulvaney performed SGB on me two months ago and I can confidently say that my life has changed dramatically for the better. Not only have I had a drastic reduction in my neck pain, but I am able to handle life better. I am able to process stressful situations before reacting and manage my life in ways I didn’t know possible. My family, friends, and coworkers see the positive change in me and I truly can’t thank Dr. Mulvaney enough. – Marci B., Jun 2021

Excellent Doctor Who Changed My Life” 
Dr. Lynch is a caring person. He took the time to get to know me and my situation and explained how the Stellate Ganglion Block would work very clearly. He has given me my life back. I had tried therapy, medication, and emdr for over three years. Nothing felt like it restored me back to my normal life before my traumatic accident. But Dr. Lynch’s performance of the Stellate Ganglion Block on me has me feeling like I felt before my accident. I never thought I’d get back to that point, and I am grateful for Dr. Lynch for getting me back to my normal, pre-accident self.  – Jon K., Jun 2021

I was very comfortable with Dr. Mulvaney and all of his staff. I have suffered over 40 years with PTSD and anxiety and I finally got relief. The results were immediate. An experience that will make the rest of my life much. better. I am finally free of anxiety. A million thanks to you Dr. Mulvaney. – Lisa J., Jun 2021

As retired military, I’ve spent 25 years carrying trauma pain pushing it down and moving on to perform. About 10 years ago, I sought treatment through therapy and medication. I’ve done breathing techniques, acupuncture, and other means for healing mind, spirit, and body. After a year of considering the treatment, I’ve followed through with having the procedure. My body immediately felt relaxed, so much so, I had the most restful sleep. I wish SGB information was available sooner as a tool to build back resilience that was chipped away over the years of service as a female working in the military. Cheers to coming out of the procedure stronger and better – wishing other ladies and veterans a shared similar outcome. – Trisha C., Jun 2021

“Completely changed my view on life” 
Dr. Lynch is extremely professional and caring. He knows what he’s doing and makes you feel at ease. Before I came here, I felt as if there was no hope left. After doing both blocks, I felt like a completely changed person. I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling as I came out of the office. If you’re on the fence about this procedure as I was for a long time, go for it. It will change your life.  – John M., Sep 2021

I was always one to downplay the severity of my PTSD/anxiety; I thought that everyone had similar feelings of shame, fear and irritability and that it was me who was incapable of dealing with those, despite traumatic experiences. My experience with Dr. Mulvaney not only alleviated the guilt of those burdens, but allowed me to give myself the grace and understanding that I do not need to carry them any longer. If you are someone who has similar feelings or experiences, I can assure you there is no other procedure or medical doctor more equipped to shine the light on actually curing the symptoms of PTSD like Dr Mulvaney. I cannot be more grateful for the opportunity now to rewrite my thought patterns and repair relationships, it is beyond essential, in my opinion, for anyone in a similar position to seek his help. It’ll be so worth it. – Raquel J., Jun 2021

Dr. Mulvaney changed my life. I came to his practice at the end of my rope. I am a combat Veteran and purple heart recipient, and my trauma left me with incredible anxiety and survivor guilt. Dr. Mulvaney explained the procedure clearly and took the time to answer all of my questions. Being a Veteran himself, he wants to take care of people like me. He is a stand up guy and I recommend he do this procedure to anyone in that is stuck in their trauma cycle and needs a way out. The procedure was nearly painless and the effects were felt almost immediately. My life is changed for the better. I can’t thank him enough. – Matt M., Jun 2021

“I have hope.”
Dr. Lynch explained everything to me very clearly. He was compassionate and gentle. He and his team made this entire experience easy. Complete and easy to understand explanations and answers to my questions gave me comfort.  – Stephannie W., Jun 2021

Dr. Mulvaney is kind, caring, thorough, and skilled. He’s a great listener and is very willing to answer all questions and concerns. He talked me through the entire procedure and even pointed out specifics on the ultrasound for me. I felt cared for and safe during and after the procedure. My only regret is that I didn’t get the blocks sooner! – Jen L., Jun 2021

Dr. Mulvaney and his staff are all professional and caring. The process to be seen was non-intrusive regarding the cause of the symptoms and focused on treating the symptoms. I spent years trying to adjust my life around my PTSD symptoms, often with unsuccessful results. Immediately following my SGB I felt a tremendous relief. I have slept soundly every day since my procedure. When confronted with unwanted or unpleasant memories, I can now see them for what they are, and it does not spin into a situation that dominates my mind, emotions, and personal relationships. – Stephan G., Jun 2021

“My life can begin again!”
How do you describe getting your life back with two shots in the neck?  I have been suffering with anxiety and depression for 27 years.  Fear and anger rule my life. Negative thoughts were a constant and always my first thought because bad things always seemed to happen to me. The same day I got my first shot, I didn’t think like that. I still have negative thoughts that come up, but I “choose” to think positively because that’s what I want out of life. Dr. Lynch is and will be a good friend to check-in with as I become an active for youth, my community and men who find it hard to handle or experience their emotions. I stepped out on faith by doing this and my only regret is I wish I did this sooner. For anyone that reads this and wonder if they should try this to help their PTSD, I will ask you this one question: “If you’re not getting the result you want, and you tried everything else, why not take a chance?”  Do think, just do it and if not for yourself do for the people around you. – Maurice A., May 2021

Dr. Mulvaney and team provided me with excellent medical care from start to finish. The procedure was not bad at all (COVID Test was way worse) and provided relief from symptoms almost instantaneously. – Jason C., May 2021

As a former Navy SEAL, Dr. Mulvaney understands what prolonged exposure to combat trauma does to the human body. His methods and techniques absolutely provide relief of PTSD symptoms, relief that cannot be duplicated at any MTF. He pioneered the procedure and the effectiveness has only grown. An SGB procedure from Dr. Mulvaney absolutely changed my life, and has allowed me to begin to enjoy my life again. – S.F. May 2021

It was clear from the moment that I met with Dr. Mulvaney that although he treats the body, he is very focused on the the emotional improvement that occurs with the SGB treatment. I cannot thank him and his staff enough for the gift that they have given. Many of my combat veteran brothers and sisters are losing their lives to PTSD. SGB treatment performed by Dr. Mulvaney changes everything. T.S., May 2021

I felt comfortable every step of the way, informative, attentive and understanding. Highly recommend this procedure, I felt confident I was calm and relaxed the majority of the time, this procedure brought new light to a level of calm and lack of anxiety I didn’t recognize I had. – Tres S. May 2021

“Dr. Lynch is amazing, clear explanations, he cares and that is rare!”
I came into this procedure a bit skeptical… I was NOT pressured or talked into proceeding. It was explained to me in great detail, Dr Lynch spent an hour with me to make sure I was sure I wanted to continue and everything he explained was exactly what happened. For me this has been a life saving stepping stone to getting my PTSD under control and manageable.  — SC, May 2021

“I’m a physician who performs SGB for PTSD and asked Dr. Mulvaney to treat me. Dr. Mulvaney is a world authority on the use of SGB for PTSI. He has published key research on this topic and has taught many other physicians in the technique. More importantly, he truly cares about the outcomes his treatment produces. He is a kind, humble soul with skilled hands. His staff Kim and Nancy are also great!”  – Mar 2021

Dr. Mulvaney, a pioneer in the field of SGB for treating PTSD, is an extraordinary provider. His calm and professional demeanor are ideal for people with PTSD, and every detail has been taken into account ahead of time. His staff are terrific. Dr. Mulvaney is one of the best and most competent providers I have ever had the privilege of being treated by, and I have recommended him to countless others. – Lynn R.,  Mar 2021

“When I walked in the door, I had my doubts. I didn’t think any thing could help me and I was contemplating suicide daily. After the injection, my life changed back to great. I was my old self. I really owe Dr Mulvaney my life.” – Charles W.

 “Doc Mulvaney is the foremost expert when it comes to SGB. His background as a SEAL brings a component that makes what he does even more powerful. He knows what the operators and their families need to get back to being the best versions of themselves. There is no doubt in my mind to the benefit that his life long commitment to understanding, utilizing, and promoting the effects and impact that SGB has. Thank you to everyone at ROSM for taking incredible care of us.” — EDWARD B. 10 FEB 2021

I haven’t experienced a physician who shares more empathy than Dr. Lynch. I felt heard, seen, and understood.
Dr. Lynch is so incredibly kind. PTSD feels like something has been stolen from you, and Dr. Lynch does anything in his power to help restore that.  – Katie G., Apr 2022 

“Dr. Mulvaney is the real deal – he listens, he informs and he cares. Thank you Dr. Mulvaney!” — Monique G

Quick, easy, and relieving.
Dr. Lynch made the whole procedure seem like a normal Dr. visit. Absolutely one of the best things I’ve done for myself and my family. – A.L., Apr 202

“Dr Mulvaney explained to me exactly how I was feeling and understood it from the military mindset and it made me feel normal. The experience here was comforting and enjoyable, I felt like I was with friends and people who cared. ” — David W.

“From the moment we stepped in the office, Dr. Mulvaney made us feel like we were his #1 priority. He took extra steps to fit in my wife and I as quickly as possible and made us feel comfortable and safe before, during and after. His ability to explain the treatment and what we would experience went above and beyond what I expected to feel from most doctors. He truly cares. His work is truly transforming peoples lives. You can feel it from the moment you call in to the moment you leaving having expereienced an SGB treatment. As I mentioned in the summary, I am starting to think most of the world could benefit from this treatment. I can think of no one better who they should receive it from than Dr. Mulvaney and his staff. Truly life changing.” — Ammon L. Mar 2021

“A great and professional experience”
”Dr. Lynch took great care and time to explain all the benefits and possible risks associated with the stellate ganglion block, or SGB shot I received. Hands down one of the best doctors I have been seen by.” — J. L.

“I had a great experience with Dr. Mulvaney and his staff. The procedure was quick, easy, well explained, and effective. Three months after having the procedure I went from a PCL score of 51, to a PCL score of 4. My GAD score went from 17, to a score of 4. This has helped me to be one of the top performers at work, reconnect with friends and family I have isolated from, and enjoy my time off actually doing things that interest me instead of spending all my time ‘resting’ and ‘recuperating’ from the overwhelming effort it took just to get out of bed and earn a living. I now have my energy and focus to problem solve and plan for my future instead of getting by day by day.” — Paul M., Nov 2020

“I woke up one morning in 2013 with severe PTSD from a traumatic incident that occurred in my life 40 years earlier. I knew exactly what it was and ran to therapy. I had to file for disability and lost everything. I was unable to function and my life fell into pieces. After 6 years of agony, I happened to watch a segment on 60 Minutes about the stellate ganglion block being used to treat veterans with PTSD. It was through a PTSD support group and a few wonderful veterans that I was able to get the procedure in February, 2020. My body relaxed, my fight/flight/freeze melted away and I was laughing on the way home. I had not felt that kind of relief in years. The tightness around my arms let up. I connected to people more easily. I could grocery shop without panicking and be with people without feeling like I was trapped. Bright lights and unexpected noises didn’t send me into a rage. My startle reflex, which was huge, calmed down. I got the “old me” back. Thank you Dr. Mulvaney, staff, and friends! The SGB for PTS is a game-changer!  – Marianne J Feb 2021”

“My history with Dr. Mulvaney goes back nearly 10 years. I implicitly trust him with and his treatment methodology – a trust that did not come easy, but was solidified through positive treatment results and his repeated actions that are in the best interest of his patients. The SGB is the single most effective treatment method I’ve experienced in dealing with my PTS-related symptoms and chronic anxiety / perpetual stress associated with a career in the Special Operations community. The SGB is the starting point for bringing you back to the person you know you were but can’t locate. Please reach out and begin again.”
— Nate D. Nov 2020

“After six and half months after my injection (sept 10, 2019) almost every day has seen me in a better place than I ever was since 2007. ” — Tim C

“Dr. Mulvaney is a gem. He is a rare breed of strength and steadfastness. His bedside manor is second to none, he explains everything before he does anything. He met me where I was in my head and explained the emotions I was feeling after my injections. He speaks with authority and leaves no doubt that his primary purpose when he was with me was to help ME.” — Cynthia M. Feb 2021

“The SGB saved my life. As a Marine I have tried to heal myself. I have tried everything to deal with my problems my way. So you know, I have been in darkness for a long time. It has affected all around me. My family, my friends, and myself have struggled dealing with my PTS. All medicines failed. I was on the edge of ending all. This procedure brought me back. Does it Work? Is it worth it? I haven’t thrown a thing or yelled for six weeks now. I am not frustrated going to the store. The noise is gone. If you are even considering this as an option, do it. Do it now. Do not wait. It is an hour of your time to save your life. Heal yourself and those around you and do this.” — LCPL E.M. Feb 2021

““Simply the best.”
”Dr. Lynch possesses a rare combination of expert knowledge and exceptional bedside manner. He is simply the best physician I have encountered at articulating complex medical situations in a clear and understandable way. He takes the time to make sure you understand the diagnosis and are comfortable with the clinical plan. He goes out of his way to follow-up and ensure your medical needs are met. There is simply no physician I would trust more to take care of me and my family.”  — David T., Nov 2021

“How can you explain “life changing” in one line? Dr Mulvaney popped up into my life after ten plus years of treatments, rehabs, jails and suicide attempts from my PTSD. I was skeptical because everything else under the sun ive tried hasnt been able to help me but what I experienced in that room was nothing short amazing. You go through some kind of experience on that table and its tough to describe, its euphoric, exciting, joyful i mean within minutes I had tears rolling down my face making a big scene but I didnt care at all. I was happy, I wasn’t anxious and for the first time in as long as I can remember I felt at peace and that has been the thing i have been searching for for years. Four years of horrible combat and and a decade plus of PTSD running my life I feel like I was just reborn and its time to live again.”  — Kevin T., Feb 2021

“Dr. Mulvaney and staff-It has been just over a year now since our daughter got the SGB treatment in your office. There are not words that are sufficient to express our gratitude to you and your staff. The whole experience from setting up the appt. through today has been beyond first class and a tremendous success for everyone in the family. We never dreamed the impact of meeting you and getting the treatment would be so incredibly awesome, Your understanding, compassionate, calm, soft-spoken bedside manner put us all at ease immediately. We cannot thank you enough!! We pray that you and your family will be blessed beyond measure, as ours has been!” — N. Jan 2021

“This is my second time doing this. I can say after the first…. it was the first time in several years that I was able to think about the future and plans for the future. Before this procedure it was difficult trying to make it through the day. Its like night and day. My family say they are happy to have Josh back. I am too, more than they know. I can’t believe I have been fortunate enough and blessed enough to have had this procedure. Thank you” – Josh E. N., Jan 2021

“Dr. Mulvaney is wonderful. He is compassionate and thoughtful.His staff is wonderful and kind. Dr Mulvaney gives hope to veterans and patients suffering from PTSD. I highly recommend his services to anyone wanting another chance in life.” — M.N. Nov 2020

“Speaking from my observations as a leader in the Special Operations Community, I’ve watched the numerous individuals benefit from the SGB. The transformation in a single day, combined with regular behavioral health treatments has the strongest impact that I’ve witnessed on those experiencing PTS symptoms, which allows those individuals to return to a healthy mental state and improved readiness level.”  — N.D. Nov 2020

“Once again, thank you for returning my husband. I don’t think either one of us knew how much he needed the SGB yesterday. It was so nice to come home from a late night field hockey game to see him relaxed and peaceful. As we know, the lifestyle he lives is a high stress lifestyle and with Covid everyone’s lives have changed. He has not been able to relax for months and I attributed his high levels of stress and mental distraction to the changes around us. I believe it’s my lack of understanding of ptsd and how differently it translates through each individual that I did not realize he might have been suffering. However, last night, the stress had been lifted. He laughed, he was calm, and he actively engaged in a conversation with me. There are no words to describe what it is like to see Luke sit and be at peace with his surroundings. We are forever grateful for your hard work with SGB. It has changed our lives, given us a chance to heal, and gives us hope for tomorrow.” – Stacy C., 15 Sep 2020

“Dr. Mulvaney is a very compassionate professional provider that really understands the debilitating affects of PTSD. The Stellate Ganglion Block that he performs has improved my life in ways that medications and traditional therapy has never been unable to do. I have more energy now to exercise, my panic attacks have reduced drastically in number and severity. I can manage them using my therapy techniques instead of debilitating me. I am a Firefigther/Paramedic with atypical PTSD and have gone through 3 therapists, 2 psychiatrists, and 2 psychiatric hospitals. I wish I had had the Stellate Ganglion BLock a lot sooner. This procedure has helped me become a better mother to my 2 young children and I am able to be present, more relaxed, and engaged in life. I finally can laugh and feel joy. My mental sharpness and memory has improved so much that I can finally multitask and live in the present. I have also been able to taper down on some of my medications as well, which has been exciting”  — Sarah H.

Incredible anxiety-killing procedure
Dr. Lynch was very helpful and informative. The procedure takes 10 minutes and is painless. The anxiety vanishes almost instantaneously. Would highly recommend to anyone suffering from PTSD or high-anxiety. Words cannot describe how thankful I was to find ROSM and Dr. Lynch.  – James P., Apr 2022

“I had an amazing experience with Dr. Mulvaney and his staff. This procedure is doing great things and more of us need to put the word out. Only 30 min after the shot the feeling of being weightless and having a clear mind is amazing.” — WES J

“I am a combat vet and had this procedure done before by this doc and my world changed; the small things like eating out with wife and kids and being present, coaching a little league team for my son and winning the championship with no stress, eating dinner togather as a family, restful sleep. I continued my other therapys with it and it was amazing; just had a tramatic event happen that slowed progress down. Returned for this visit and got the same quality and care with emphathy and understanding as the doc is one of us. He gets it and understands and his staff also does as well and makes the entire process so smooth and easy. What do you have got to lose; one hour of your day and the procedure itself is literally 5 minutes. If you are struggling and need that extra push to jump start your healing please do not wait any longer to get this SGB procedure done by Dr. Mulvaney. ”  — BRAD HUBBARD, Nov 2020

“I read about Dr. Mulvaney, his military background, and his experience with the SGB procedure a lot before deciding to come in. None of that prepared me for the experience that I had with him at ROSM. He is an incredibly kind, compassionate person in addition to being an excellent doctor. He made everything so easy and literally painless that as I type this less than an hour after the procedure I can’t believe it. I wish I had done this sooner.” — K.S. 26 OCT 2020

“I am so happy that even during Covid my score has maintained such a low number. This is the best decision I have ever made for myself. Best money I have ever spent. I really hope that anyone struggling would take the next step and contact Dr. Sean Mullvaney’s office right away. Dr. Sean Mullvaney walks you through everything. He makes you feel safe and secure during the procedure. You can depend on him to make it a painless and wonderful experience. You get to relax for about 30 minutes after the procedure and feel the effects take on. After that, look forward to manageable emotions compared to the unmanageable ones before.”  — LAUREN S. 28 SEP 2020

“After Right Side SGB was able to relax and enjoy a meal at a restaurant with my wife. This may seem insignificant but, we hadn’t been able to that without me feeling on edge or hyper alert. I slept better afterwards than I had in a decade.” — KYLE N 6 NOV 2020

“Excellent from begining to end. Professional. Thoughtful. Trustful. Dr. Mulvaney gets “it”.”  – MIKE I

“Up front- the procedures Dr Mulvaney did had a significant and measurable effect on my levels of agitation and PTSD anxiety. Immediately after the SGB I felt calmer, relaxed, and less agitation than I had in years; in ways that neither medication nor counselling were able to achieve. I learned of Dr Mulvaney and the SGB procedure from two fellow veterans who had the procedure done. Dr Mulvaney saw me quickly, very clearly explained the process and the potential results, and I was very comfortable during the entire process from pre-discussion through post procedure and follow up. It is very obvious how devoted he is to getting his patients the treatment they need and that it works for them, and he continued to follow up with me to ensure that it worked for my specific case and needs.” – JOHN S.

“I have been suffering from PSTD for over a year and unable to function out in the field as a firefigther/paramedic. I wasn’t responding well to medications and we just kept increasing my dosage and therapy was very hard. I heard about Dr. Mulvaney and the stellate ganglion block and I wanted to give it a try since I was unable to control my hypervigilance. After the procedure, for the first time in years I feel calm and peaceful. It is like I have my original self back.” — SARAH H.

“After suffering from PTSD for 58 years, I finally feel the physical relief I have longed for after so much debilitating. I feel like the weight of the world has finally been take off my shoulders. I hope and pray Dr. Mulvaney will continue to spread the word about treating PTSD with SGB.” – ILIANA F.

This is my second treatment for PTSD symptoms due to 9/11 military Tier 1/2/3 CT operations. The first treatment was an immediate and complete lift of the weight of PTSD which lasted a year. Dr. Mulvaney explained after the first treatment the symptoms could return due the nature of the trauma and that a second treatment could be needed. The first treatment results were so significant in the aspect of relief it was easy to decide to do it again. I cant thank Dr. Mulvaney enough for what he does. If you are having PTSD issues and are looking for that lifeline I would this is it. It works. – Jake B Aug 2021

Dr Mulvaney is kind and really delved into treating my issues instead of putting a band-aid onto the problems. I went from a 47 to a 4 on the scale and I have seen a huge difference in my overall reaction to stress and anxiety levels are way down. My jaw was so tight prior to treatment and now afterwards I have zero popping and no pain in my jaw- that was a very nice unexpected side effect of SGB. – C.K. Aug 2021

Overall amazing doctor and staff
Visited Dr. Lynch for the Stellate Ganglion Block procedure and I was totally happy that I did. Dr. Lynch is very friendly, compassionate and professional. He kept me informed throughout the procedure and seemed genuinely interested in my well-being. As for the procedure itself, the SGB procedure changed my life. I feel this is definitely an option to explore for anyone suffering with any type of PTSD. I feel more optimistic about my future knowing this procedure is available. It has truly given me a more positive outlook on life. – Mario S., Dec 2021

I have truly never met a doctor like Dr. Mulvaney. He genuinely cares about his patients and just wants to help as much as he can. The procedure went great, he talked me through it and spent time afterwards talking to me and making sure I was okay and comfortable. He was so attentive and kind, which means the world to some people going through this. I really cannot recommend him enough. This has been such an amazing experience and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity. – Brittany H.  Aug 2021

The procedure was seamless. Dr. Lynch was caring and informative. After it was over I felt FREE. Free from everything that was holding me back. I cried, not from sadness but from being freed from my past. More to come. Thanks, Mike.”  – Michael N., Apr 2022

I saw Dr. Mulvaney 2 years ago and immediately saw results after my SGB. The results of this procedure are immediate and long lasting. I was able to reintegrate back into a productive member of society while coming off a slew of meds I was on for PTSD. If you or someone you know is dealing with the debilitating symptoms of PTSD i recommend reaching out to Dr. Mulvaney. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER. SFC (R) Chris, S OEF 1 OIF 1 OND – S. Aug 2021

I just completed my second SGB for PTSD. The first one was a major success. My anxiety and PTSD levels were max on measurable scales, after the first one my numbers dropped drastically. After the first shot, Dr Mulvaney challenged me to go live, to not be afraid of triggers. Accepting and living out that challenge I had a few triggers, but each time I was able to bring myself back down. Leading up to the second SGB my numbers had only slightly increased, but warranted another SGB. Needing a second SGB wasn’t a failure, but proof that this method works and is part of the continued treatment that I needed due to how high my numbers were prior to the first SGB. After your first SGB it’s a new life, you have to go live it, you have to get out in it and experience it without fear. – Brian W. July 2021

My experience with Dr. Mulvaney is always positive. The procedure brought me back to life. I could laugh again. The pressure in my chest dissipated. He is compassionate and understanding. The procedure is quick and painless. -Lauren S. July 2021

5 years military experience and 16 years in law enforcement. Came into SGB procedure with doubts but came out a new person. This is a life changer and Dr. Mulvaney and his staff were more than welcoming and helpful throughout the entire process. – Daryl A., Jul 2021

Cannot thank Dr. Lynch enough
I wish more providers were like Dr. Lynch. He took the time to listen to any questions I had, thoroughly explain the procedure, and had exceptional bedside manner. While I hope I don’t need this procedure again, if I do, I know who to call. – A. B., Mar 2022

Great experience….explained everything in a very easy to understand way. I knew exactly what was happening and how this was affecting me. Really made this a simple and easy to understand procedure and something I would have know about a long time ago. If you’re on the fence I would contact Dr. Mulvaney. I probably looked at this procedure for over a year before committing and wish I had done it much sooner. – Kevin R. July 2021

Comforting and informative.
Dr. Lynch took the time to sit down with me and review every step of the process before getting started. He listened to my concerns and answered all of my questions. I’m very thankful for Dr. Lynch and the entire ROSM staff. My right side SGB was a success and I just scheduled my left side.  – Omar H., Dec 2021

Dr. Mulvaney is a healer. He is articulate, kind, compassionate and highly skilled in administering the injections. He has empathy for anyone who has endured transference of trauma, and trauma itself, and afforded me immediate relief that cognitive therapy and medication, and unhealthy denial and coping mechanisms did not. I am grateful that he was brought into my life. He is allowing me to move forward and embrace life more fully. – James B. Jul 2021

A healing opportunity in a supportive setting
Dr. Lynch was caring and knowledgeable. He explained the SGB procedure and answered all questions. During the procedure, he calmly explained what was happening and what to expect every step of the way. I would highly recommend him to do this procedure. – D. B., Jan 2022

Dr. Mulvaney has an outstanding bedside manner and clearly cares about helping. He is patient, kind and thorough in his explanations. I felt safe and relaxed in his care. I have been searching for years for a treatment that truly helps with symptoms of PTSD. I found it with Dr. Mulvaney. Results far exceeded my dubious expectations. Cannot recommend this treatment, and Dr. Mulvaney, enough. – Linda H. July 2021

“Dr. Lynch is Awesome!”
I feel great already after the treatment. Best decision I have ever made. – Anon., Nov 2021

Dr. Mulvaney is a is a skill professional who I have the utmost trust and confidence in as a medical provider. The SGB procedure I had was only possible through a grant provided by Troops First. To date it is the only treatment for PTSD that I have received that has worked. The block on the right side worked great and the block on the left side worked even better. I have not felt this good in 18 years! – Jason M. July 2021

Dr. Lynch was a one of the most caring and honest providers I have ever dealt with. I have researched their practice for a number of years to find help for my Marine vet son. I can not begin to express my gratitude for the help they have provided.  – Barbara R., Apr 2022

I’ve been a first responder for 12 years now. I’ve seen a lot in that time, however two years ago, I was involved in an incident that became life changing in the worst way. I’ve lost friends and relationships, as well as myself, and I was on the path to losing the career I’ve loved, as it now became something I dreaded facing everyday. Despite the many treatments I have tried to keep my PTSD symptoms at bay, trigger after trigger would rekindle the storm. That is when someone recommended SGB and Dr. Mulvaney. From the scheduling of the appointment to its completion, I cannot thank Dr. Mulvaney and his staff enough. For the first time in two years, and maybe even longer, I feel at peace and a calmness in life I have forgotten existed. I truly believe that I am now ready to face another day and continue to do the work and service I’ve dedicated my life to. -Joanna K. July 2021

“Very supportive experience with expectations met”
Dr. Lynch took the time to review all concerns and educated me on the procedure. Would recommend the SGB block to those who are looking for complementary therapy for hypervigilance. Provides immediate relief. – K. M., Nov 2021

Dr. Mulvaney is an amazing doctor with an extraordinary bedside manner. He really cares about the overall health and stability of the patient and not just the procedure. – Teka J.   July 2021

Very personable, unrushed
Dr. Lynch took the time to get a thorough background on the issues and challenges that I was facing. He addressed them in a concise manner, outlining expectations, benefits, and limitations of the SGB. – J. T., Jan 2022

Fricken awesome
I was a bit apprehensive about getting the injection but I have to say that it was truly a piece of cake. It was done before I really even know that it had started. Immediately after the procedure, I had no idea what to think. I just felt like a blank slate- then It donned on me that that was the goal. Suddenly I felt like I could deal with things with steam coming out of my ears and the top lifting off my head. I was right. Amazingly, it also helped with the nasty nerve pain I deal with every day. It feels like it numbed it.  – Dave C., Apr 2022