Our office is experiencing a high call volume about SGB treatment. Help us get you scheduled by following instructions below.

SGB works best in conjunction with talk therapy with your behavioral health professional.*

Dr. Mulvaney and Dr. Lynch want to collaborate with your current therapist to optimize your care.

PLEASE PRINT AND COMPLETE the 3 items below then email them to annapolis@rosm.org, BEFORE CALLING FOR APPOINTMENT. Include your contact name and phone number.

1) The PCL-5 screening test. (Add up your score)

2) The GAD -7 screening test. (Add up your score)

3) Only if you have a history of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), please fill out the Neurobehavioral Symptoms Inventory (NSI)

4) The Patient History Form

Calling instructions: We know you have had a traumatic experience, and we want to help you. However, PLEASE DO NOT SHARE the details of your trauma with our receptionist. These details are not required to book an appointment or for your successful treatment.

5) The Post SGB Care

6) Be aware that at this time, the SGB for the treatment of PTSD is not covered by most medical insurance companies. The cost of an SGB at The Stellate Institute is $1300, and if the second side is done the next day, the cost is $900.    

7) Option for 2nd day left-sided SGB treatment for traveling patients: Our doctors want to ensure that patients have optimal outcomes especially considering the time and expense of travel. For patients who are traveling and staying overnight, you may consider an option to book an appointment for right-sided SGB on day 1 and return to the clinic on day 2 for left-sided SGB.

  • Please read, sign and also return the additional SGB Scheduling information sheet about this option.  The total cost for these 2 appointments for a right and left sided block is $2000 (this requires at least 12 hours between procedures).
  • Lodging options may be found here.

Once your PCL – 5 and GAD -7 screening questionnaires and patient history forms are emailed to annapolis@rosm.org, call the office for an appointment and we will determine if SGB is a reasonable treatment for you. Appointment line: (410) 505-0530.

* Behavioral Health Professionals:  Patient Referral Form found here