Dr. Mulvaney’s and Dr. Lynch’s ground-breaking published research innovated and established the use of SGB to treat PTSD.

It is NOT just about the procedure of SGB, but getting results for our patients.

Some of Dr Mulvaney’s and Dr. Lynch’s contributions to the medical literature on the use of SGB for PTSD.

The first study showing that some patients only respond to a left-side SGB

The first multi-centered randomized clinical trial showing efficacy of SGB for PTSD published in a major journal

The first study showing the potential benefit of using a two-level SGB.

The first study showing behavioral health clinicians support SGB for PTSD.

The first large scale case-series showing the benefit of SGB for PTSD

The first study showing which specific PTSD symptoms were most improved by SGB.

Effect of Stellate Ganglion Block on Specific Symptom Clusters for Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Military Medicine. 2016

The first study of its kind showing that SGB treatment for PTSD can improve global neurocognitive function.

The first comprehensive published treatment guidelines for using SGB for PTSD.

The very first case series published showing the long-term benefit of SGB for PTSD.

More supporting studies by Dr. Mulvaney and Dr. Lynch

Other Peer Reviewed Medical Literature on SGB for PTSD